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Indian Army at LoC: An eternal vigil against formidable odds

Indian Army personnel posted along the Line of Control (LoC) in northern Kashmir fight not only with the enemy but also against adverse weather and geographical conditions 24 hours a day.

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Srinagar: When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today. This moving epitaph is enshrined at the Kohima war memorial in Nagaland, which was built to commemorate the soldiers of the British Indian Army who laid down their lives to defeat the Japanese assault during the Second World War.

A couple of generations later, Indian Army troops posted at the harsh, geographically forbidding borders of this ancient land continue to serve their country with zeal.

Indian Army personnel posted along the Line of Control (LoC) in northern Kashmir fight not only with the enemy, but also against adverse weather and geographical conditions 24 hours a day. There are rough roads, somewhere there are high mountains and dense forests, then there are deep gorges too.

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Between all this, there is no land contact with the rest of the world for four months between the fast-flowing river and 20 feet of snow in winter. Despite the difficult situation, the morale of the jawans and officers is high. The security of the country is the first priority. Now winter is about to start again and again the challenges of the army personnel will increase even more.

The total length of the Line of Control (LoC) is 743 km. Of this, 350 km is in Kashmir only. There is a 55-km-long Line of Control in the Keran sector. An army officer posted at an army post located in Keran sector along the LoC in Kupwara district said that every moment there is a new challenge. Not only ours, many nearby outposts are also at an altitude of about 12 thousand feet above sea level. Snow falls up to 20 feet. It is very cold here.

Mountain passes in Keran and its adjoining areas are the traditional route for terrorists to infiltrate from Jammu and Kashmir with the help of Pakistani forces. All these routes meet at the Shamsbari mountain range. Intruders try to take advantage of the geographical conditions here, but they cannot escape from our watchful eyes.

Roads, bunkers are also not visible in snow: Army officer said that for winter we already store enough ration, fuel, weapons and other items of need. In winter, only helicopters bring help and other items in emergency situations. Roads and bunkers are sometimes not even visible during snowfall. He gets buried in the snow. Then only a few tall pillars installed here serve as a mark for us during patrolling.

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Weather from November to March is quite difficult

The weather from November to March is very difficult in the Keran sector. These days a huge amount of snow accumulates in the high mountain areas. Infiltration routes remain closed. Despite this, there is always the possibility of infiltration.

Indian Army’s multi-tier anti-infiltration system

Military officials said that the anti-infiltration mechanism on the LoC has been completely strengthened. It is constantly reviewed that the anti infiltration obstetrical system is absolutely effective. In order to completely eliminate the possibility of infiltration, apart from setting up of special checkpoints and checkpoints at many places, the help of electronic devices is also being taken.

The anti-infiltration mechanism is multicyclic. This includes human, machine and surveillance. Ground sensors, night vision devices, CCTV cameras and drones have also been integrated. Jawans are alert all the time.

The Indian Army is also fully vigilant against the smuggling of drugs and weapons. If ever there is information of infiltration in a particular area or there is military tension with the enemy, then the duty of the soldiers posted on the forward posts, the soldiers involved in the Naka party, goes on continuously for two to three days.

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Annual infiltration attempts across LoC

2017 – 419
2018 – 328
2019 – 216
2020 – 99
2021 – 77

Incidents of successful infiltration from Pakistan are consistently low and are also dangerous for the terrorists involved.

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