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WATCH | Man Puts Life In Danger, Hangs From A Moving Car’s Door To Make Reel

A video circulating on social media shows a man hanging from a moving car, alarming viewers. Posted on Instagram, the footage captures a dangerous stunt where the man clings to the car door. Another video from Bengaluru sparked outrage, showing a boy standing on a moving scooter's footrest, carried by a woman with one hand.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Apr 22, 2024 08:41 IST
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Viral Video: Man Hangs From A Moving Car's Door To Make Reel
Viral Video: Man Hangs From A Moving Car's Door To Make Reel

Viral video: A video circulating on social media has sparked shock and concern, showing a man hanging from the door of a moving car. The video, shared on Instagram, captures a dangerous stunt that could have easily turned into a life-threatening situation.


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The clip opens with a man clinging to the door of a moving car with the help of plastic. As the car moves, the man appears to be enjoying the stunt. At one point, the driver of the car even gives him a high five, encouraging the reckless behaviour. Another person is seen sitting in the back seat, seemingly amused by the situation.

The video was shared on Instagram a week ago and has since gained nearly 90 million views and over two million likes. This alarming display of risky behaviour has left many social media users concerned about the potential consequences.

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This incident is not isolated. Earlier, a video from Bengaluru caused outrage, showing a boy standing on the footrest of a moving scooter, carried by a woman with one hand. The risky stunt was carried out in the center of a busy street in Whitefield, the city’s IT center.

The footage of this event was posted on X by the account Whitefield Rising. In the post’s caption, they cautioned against such actions, emphasizing the potential for serious harm from even minor road obstacles. They urged parents to prioritize safety and responsibility, clarifying that while they shared the clip for awareness, they do not endorse derogatory language towards individuals or parents.

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First published on: Apr 22, 2024 08:41 AM IST

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