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‘I Then Started Pushing Him To Know What They’ll Do…’; Bengaluru Man’s Banter With Scammer Exposes Online Fraud

The dialogue commenced with Arun asking about the scammer's welfare. To Arun's surprise, the scammer willingly conversed and revealed their fraudulent techniques. The scammer disclosed to Arun their method of seizing control of victims' WhatsApp accounts to acquire OTPs, subsequently employing these codes to register for various e-commerce and banking platforms.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Apr 21, 2024 12:43 IST
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Bengaluru Man's Banter With Scammer Exposes Online Fraud

Bengaluru resident Chetty Arun chose to have some fun with a scammer attempting to deceive him into installing a malicious APK file. Arun, aware of the scam from the start, opted to engage in a chat with the scammer instead of blocking the number.

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The conversation began as Arun inquired about the scammer’s well-being. Surprisingly, the scammer willingly engaged in conversation and divulged their scamming methods. The scammer informed Arun that they hijack their victims’ WhatsApp accounts to obtain OTPs, which they then use to register for e-commerce and banking applications. With access to these apps, they can proceed to pilfer money from the victims.

The conversation veered into surprising territory when the scammer cautioned Arun about installing dubious files on his phone. In a further unexpected move, the scammer requested Arun’s Twitter bio after Arun expressed his intention to share anti-scam tips with the community. However, the scammer soon caught on to Arun’s intentions and promptly deleted all their messages.

Ultimately, the scammer requested that Arun refrain from involving the police, and they exchanged well-wishes before parting ways. Arun’s account of the experience has gained viral attention, amassing over a million views.

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First published on: Apr 21, 2024 11:14 AM IST

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