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YouTuber Takes On Challenge: Flying Every US Airline In A Week For Rankings

At the beginning of his journey, Decker faced disruptions such as delays or cancellations that affected his carefully crafted schedule for the initial three flights. Despite these challenges, he persisted, experiencing different airlines and sharing his opinions about each one.

Edited By : simran rajpal | Updated: Apr 20, 2024 14:56 IST
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YouTuber Takes On Challenge_ Flying Every US Airline In A Week For Rankings

YouTuber Eric Decker, also known as Airrack online, undertook an ambitious challenge: flying on every domestic airline in the United States within a week. Decker documented the experience, following strict rules throughout. He had to remain within the airport system for the entire trip, buy the “nicest” seat available on each airline, and evaluate each flight based on criteria such as price, comfort, service, and a unique “X-factor.” All activities, including bathroom breaks and sleep, had to take place within airports or aircraft.

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Early on, delays or cancellations disrupted Decker’s meticulously planned schedule for his first three flights. However, he persevered, encountering various airlines and offering his thoughts on each one.

Decker found some airlines impressive during his travels. Southwest Airlines stood out for offering him a sought-after first-row seat due to their open seating policy, but a lengthy delay resulted in them being ranked in the C-tier. Spirit Airlines, recognized for its affordable prices, pleasantly surprised Decker with a clean aircraft, helpful staff, and a B-tier rating. Frontier Airlines also earned praise, with Decker singling out a specific flight attendant and presenting her with a gift card.

Some airlines failed to meet Decker’s expectations. Horizon Air received an F-tier rating due to its extreme cabin temperature and subsequent cancellation. Similarly, Silver Airways was rated F because their flight never departed.

Decker factored in the high cost of certain flights when determining his rankings. Although Delta Airlines provided a comfortable seat, access to a well-equipped lounge, and complimentary snacks, its high price prevented it from reaching the top tier. Likewise, Endeavour Air earned an A-tier rating despite its expensive tickets.

Decker’s journey also involved flights with small regional carriers. Cape Air’s six-seater aircraft offered limited legroom, resulting in a C-tier rating. However, Lana’i Air, a private jet service, impressed Decker enough to earn an S-tier rating.

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First published on: Apr 20, 2024 02:56 PM IST

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