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INSANE! Ex-Girlfriend Marries Partner’s Father Post Breakup; Know Why

Love knows no limits, as shown by one girl's shocking revenge. After her boyfriend broke up with her, she married his father and became his stepmother. She even demanded to be involved in his wedding plans and wore white on the wedding day, matching the bride's attire.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Updated: Apr 19, 2024 12:20 IST
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Ex-Girlfriend Marries Partner’s Father
Ex-Girlfriend Marries Partner’s Father

Ex-Girlfriend Marries Partner’s Father: Love knows no limits, and there are many instances demonstrating this truth. From movies to real life, individuals have inspired others by finding the perfect life partner at any age. However, when a relationship ends, one often feels taken aback. This is what happened to a girl who chose to take shocking revenge.

Rather than lashing out at her ex-boyfriend, the girl married his father and became his stepmother. This unexpected turn of events occurred after the girl’s breakup with her boyfriend, according to reports. She moved into her ex-boyfriend’s family home and became his stepmother.

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She didn’t stop there; when her ex-boyfriend’s marriage was being arranged, she demanded to know everything first, asserting her rights as his stepmother.

On the wedding day, only the bride was meant to wear white, while everyone else was to dress in colorful attire. However, the stepmother wore a white outfit similar to the bride’s to provoke her ex-boyfriend and insisted on being in every family photo.

The incident quickly went viral, leaving people confused about why the boy continued speaking to his father.

In a related incident, a woman was lauded for taking an unusual form of revenge on her boyfriend upon discovering he was married. She shared how she became entangled with him after he claimed to be divorcing his wife. When she learned this was untrue, she collaborated with his wife to create fake accounts and confront him, exposing his lies.

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First published on: Apr 19, 2024 12:20 PM IST

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