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100X returns are estimated on IBAT Battle Infinity, says the co-founder, Suresh Joshi.

IBAT Battle Infinity

Since the launch of IBAT Battle Infinity, the metaverse token has been whirling into the new realms. In just 120 hours, 250K USD has been invested globally in IBAT.Suresh Joshi, the co-founder, has already estimated it to be the best altcoin of 2022 in the fantasy gaming space.

What is IBAT Battle Infinity?

A variety of P2E (play-to-earn) war games may be found on the gaming platform known as Battle Infinity. The IBAT Battle Arena, our Metaverse realm, is embedded in every game. In Battle Infinity, players may engage with one another, perform, observe, and explore the virtual battle arena in addition to playing and fighting.

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The seamless integration of IBAT into Metaverse makes it a valuable token to invest in. The IBAT token is already reaching new heights by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and the metaverse. IBAT Battle Infinity, created by a team of professional developers from India, aspires to be the next Polygon. Remember that Polygon, the Ethereum-based layer-two scaling solution, was also developed in India, and its MATIC token is one of the most valuable in the world.

India has been shown to be a viable place for crypto companies. Regardless of the government’s stance on digital asset rules, the nation has produced some of the market’s greatest stars, such as Polygon and WazirX. Infinity will want to establish supremacy in its own nation. India has an estimated 15 million active crypto users, and its 1.4 billion-strong population is younger, more educated, and tech-savvy.

With India’s online gaming market predicted to quadruple in value and reach $3.9 billion by 2025, Battle Infinity has a great possibility to develop rapidly, as the Co-Founder Suresh Joshi has predicted IBAT to grow 100x.

Battle Infinity proclaims itself to be the next Axie Infinity. Unlike Axie, which is prone to hacking and technological flaws, Battle Infinity is marketed as a more dependable and secure platform. IBAT, one of the industry’s most important ID verification platforms, has certified IBAT for, know-your-customer (KYC) resiliency. As a result, investors may invest in the asset without fear of rug-pulling or fraudulent conduct.

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Battle infinity’s potential to blend into the metaverse is another intriguing component. The notion, which took flight less than a year ago, has become one of the key focuses of attention for digital businesses all around the world, including in the cryptocurrency field.

While a unified metaverse is likely a long way off, IBAT is already on the edge of being seamlessly connected to other metaverses and can observe advances that may lead to new possibilities. It appears to be another sci-fi use for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It’s unclear whether we’ll ever get to the stage of a metaverse. But, in the meanwhile, IBAT can undoubtedly assist you in experiencing the metaverse and continuing to incorporate blockchain into our daily life.

Battle Infinity website gives more clarity on the gaming and investments. To interact with the team and players you can join their Telegram group.

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