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Ethereum jumps by 8.85%, Will PrivaCrip follow suit when it launches?

Cryptocurrencies can provide good returns if bought at the right time. The recent crypto crash allowed many to ‘buy the dip’ and watch their beloved cryptos rise again. Currently, the crypto market is recovering, and crypto giants are slowly returning to the price they once were.

In this article, we will examine two cryptocurrencies that have potential this year. Ethereum (ETH) is undoubtedly the biggest altcoin in the crypto market. The new developments in the Ethereum 2.0 merge have created a huge buzz around the platform once again. PrivaCrip (PRCR) is a new cryptocurrency prioritising privacy. It believes that every user should feel secure and protected while using any platform.

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The Privacy That PrivaCrip (PRCR) Provides

PrivaCrip (PRCR) is a layer-1 solution that leverages Proof-of-Stake (PoS). PoS benefits a crypto platform in a myriad of ways. It uses less electricity which reduces the carbon footprint, users can stake their tokens to earn passive income, and it provides additional security through validators!

PrivaCrip aims to be an open-source protocol that enables privacy-preserving applications and tools via programmable privacy like Private contracts. Private contracts are the next generation of smart contracts. They allow blockchain users to have alternatives to applications that violate their privacy.

Unhappy with how the platform is running? PrivaCrip takes your considerations to heart. Through a DAO, you can vote on proposals concerning the platform’s future. You can even submit proposals for other users to vote on. The on-chain proposals proceed through five stages; submission, deposit, voting, tallying, and implementation.

You’re probably wondering, why the name PrivaCrip? Well, it’s a play on the words private cryptocurrency. It was named this because it enables users and developers to protect their valuable data while sharing it when, how, and with whoever they want.

The Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Goerli Testnet Merge is Live!

Ethereum (ETH) has dominated the altcoin sector since its inception in 2015. The crypto giant has made many people financially independent. Commonly referred to as the ‘upgrade’, the Ethereum 2.0 merge will change Ethereum from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) platform to PoS.

The Goerli testnet merge went live on the 6th of August. It is essentially a rehearsal before the real thing. It seems that the testnet merge has been received well by the users as Ethereum records an 8.85% increase in seven days at the time of writing. It could be linked directly to the testnet merge due to the plethora of benefits it brings to the platform.

Firstly, users will be able to stake their Ethereum coins. Secondly, Ethereum’s carbon footprint will shrink by a staggering 99.95%. In today’s world, environmental impact influences public opinion on cryptocurrency heavily. Finally, Ethereum will be able to process up to 100,000 transactions per second, 50,000 more than its rival, Solana (SOL)!

Ethereum appears to have a bright future ahead of it. Its current trend combined with the groundbreaking new technology released is a recipe for success.

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To Summarise

Ethereum (ETH) is on the road to recovery. Even during Ethereum’s temporary slump, it remained the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. The Ethereum 2.0 merge may even see users switch from Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum if the praise continues.

PrivaCrip (PRCR) has the tools to explode when it launches. The expansive ecosystem prioritises your privacy without compromising on the quality of the service it provides. The presale is only a month away, and you can grab the token for a low price with a 7% bonus in the first stage of its presale!

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