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Collaborating and Improvising to Conquer the Field of Digital Services

The overwhelming need for businesses to connect with customers when they are online, came about with the proliferation of smartphones. Today, there are 6.6 billion smartphone users in the world, estimated to increase to at least 7.69 billion users by 2027.

And significantly, millennials are considered the ‘first digital natives’ to grow up with the internet, while Gen-Zers, the real digital natives, were mostly in kindergarten when Apple launched the first iPhone.

These two generations of customers consistently engage with their smartphones, which is undeniably their comfort zone. Especially for Gen-Zers, digital engagement with their mobiles is a daily priority. Recent studies by Pew Research found that 55% of Gen Zers are engaged with their smartphones for at least five hours, while 26% of them are online on their phones for 10 hours or more daily.

Moreover, brands take a lot of their cues from consumer comments expressing brand loyalty on social media and repost them as endorsements of their products, which serves to strengthen the bond between brand and consumer.

This emerging digital component of marketing was realized at the outset by discerning companies like the global digital services provider, Grazitti Interactive, established in April 2008.

The Launch and Progress of Grazitti Interactive

Grazitti Interactive, the brainchild of Neeta Ramsisaria, founder and COO, and Alok Ramsisaria, its CEO, grew from modest beginnings with a handful of employees to its current 1200+ team members with a penchant for innovation and a love for technology, serving a client base from startups to mid-sized companies to giant Fortune 500 outfits. Headquartered in Panchkula, Haryana, India, Grazitti has a global reach with offices in the US, Australia, and Singapore.

Giving a decisive boost to strengthening the organization’s foothold in business, was one of its early customers, an exciting new venture, Marketo, which was and still is a sought-after B2B marketing automation platform. Grazitti’s partnership with Marketo enabled them to grow exponentially, swiftly increasing their client base and services.

Furthermore, word-of-mouth referrals on Grazitti’s cutting-edge techniques for marketing automation, cloud innovation services, and its enterprise search platform, SearchUnify, significantly enabled the extension of Grazitti’s client base beyond Silicon Valley, especially to high-tech US businesses.

In a world where the internet is overwhelmed with multiple marketing techniques, finding organically promoted brands can be a challenge. Word-of-mouth marketing acts as a good samaritan when it comes to taking a brand out there. In fact, this is an endorsement of the observations of marketing experts, Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett, who align these commendations with the power of the Internet.

Grazitti Interactive, designed on timeless principles, has now become a favorite among businesses as it believes in:

  • Being discoverable, accessible, and customer-friendly.
  • Being economically feasible and providing cost-effective, timely, and high-quality business solutions.
  • Being scalable through readiness to work on pilot projects or multi-million-dollar businesses.
  • Being flexible on time and materials, fixed cost, and retainers.
  • Being employee-first in policies and values.

Moreover, the success of Grazitti’s attempts at steering global businesses toward impactful digital marketing was helped by the company’s strategic partnerships with technology pioneers like Marketo, Salesforce, Google, Alteryx, Microsoft, Adobe, Lithium, Optimizely, Acquia, Shopify, and Jive.

It also is a result of its own extensive web services like websites, applications, portals, communities and e-commerce stores, widgets, discussion forums and blogs, content management systems, and content assets development.

What Attracts Businesses to Grazitti?

Grazitti offers businesses the opportunity for a smooth transition to a digital age through:

Agile Delivery: Designers, developers, quality analysts, and project managers follow agile processes to ensure quality delivery within the required timeframe.

Business Mindset: Grazitti thinks as a partner, not just a vendor of services, understanding customer requirements and suggesting optimal solutions to scale, streamline, and grow a business.

Quality Focus: Grazitti offers exemplary Quality Assurance services to ensure everything is done, bugs are discovered, and fixed throughout the duration of the project and beyond.

Technical Expertise: Grazitti has acquired cross-platform expertise, and an in-depth understanding of cloud technologies, to provide clients with timely, affordable technology solutions.

World Class Designs: Grazitti has extensive experience in designing interactive product UI/UX, SCORM-compliant e-learning courses, and compelling marketing material to enhance client branding and education capabilities

Offshore Pricing: Grazitti has a unique capability to offer world-class services coupled with offshore pricing to increase client Return on Investment (ROI).

In the AI space, Grazitti understood the problems companies face in having to wade through voluminous, unstructured internal data pools to find accurate, relevant, and timely information for customers.

Realizing the futility of search efforts over multiple platforms, Grazitti engaged in shining a light on cognitive search by launching SearchUnify, a unified cognitive platform, that has become a favored option for technologically-powered information searches that transform the support ecosystem.

Recognition of Grazitti’s Superior Tech Strength

Grazitti has, over the years, worked resolutely to provide impactful, innovative answers to client queries, needs, and efforts, which were noticed and rewarded by the industry, especially in 2021 and 2022. Here is a list of our impressive awards.

As Charles Darwin once observed, “In the long history of humankind, those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively, have prevailed.”

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