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Uttarakhand: Dozens fall sick as poisonous gas leaks in Rudrapur

Gas Leak In Rudrapur: A gas cylinder kept in a scrap warehouse in the Rudrapur transit camp of Udhamsinghnagar district in Uttarakhand leaked, leading to massive damage. The people in the surrounding area started fainting as soon as the gas cylinder started leaking.

On receiving information about the incident, SDM, CEO, SDRF, fire department and police teams reached the spot. They were also affected by the poisonous gas. So far about 27 people, including SDM, CO and SDRF employees, have fainted. He has been admitted to hospital for treatment.

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The situation is under control at the moment

The police team that reached the spot took information and admitted three people to the district hospital. At present, which gas was in the police cylinder, it is not known. The help of chemists will also be taken in its detection.

Several high-level officials fell sick

– SDM Kichha Kaustubh Mishra

– Chief Fire Officer Banshalal Yadav

– CO K Hanrahi Ganesh Satyal

– CO Traffic Ashish Bhardwaj

– CO Traffic Gunner Bhuvan Chandra

– SDRF in-charge Balam Singh

– Chandan Bisht of SDRF

– Chandan Singh, Fire Brigade

– SDRF Prakash Mehta

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Victims affected by poisonous gas

– Ramvati
– Seema
– Sheetal
– Vishal
– Babli Devi
– Lakshmi (17 years)
– Sachin
– Saloni
– Swati
– Vikas
– Poonam
– Soni
– Mukesh
– Sheela
– Jyotsna
– Pankaj
– Jograj
– Rajveer
– Anita
– Pushpa Devi
– Nitin


The cylinder was kept in the scrap warehouse

On Tuesday morning, there was a sudden leak from a gas cylinder kept in the scrap warehouse in Azad Nagar/Raja Colony of the transit camp. Due to the strong odour, people started having difficulty in breathing. Suddenly the gas spread rapidly. Due to which some people living there fainted due to gas.

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Victims admitted to hospital

Someone informed the police about this. The police reached the spot and launched a rescue operation. Simultaneously, Ramavati, Seema and Dharmendra, who fainted due to gas, were admitted by the police personnel to the district hospital with the help of people.

Police launches investigation

Police Station Transit Camp Sundaram Sharma said that the gas cylinder kept in the scrap warehouse has leaked. Due to which three people fainted. The type of gas in the cylinder is being ascertained. The police are questioning the scrap dealers.

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