Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Gold Price Update: Gold rates slump by Rs 3,800; Chance to get jewellery at cheaper price

Gold Price Update: The wedding season has begun. Gold and silver prices dropped on Monday November 21, 2022. The prices of gold and silver fell from the seventh heaven on the first Monday of this work week. On Monday, gold fell by Rs 547 per 10 gram and silver fell by Rs 878 per kilogram. Following this, gold rate down to Rs.51400 per 10 gram and silver to Rs.60400 per kg. After this decrease, you can now buy gold for Rs.3800 per 10 gram and silver for roughly Rs.19500 per kilogram.

On Monday, the first trading day of the week, gold fell by Rs 547 per 10 gram and concluded at Rs 52406 per kg. On the past trading day, Friday, the price of gold increased by Rs 59 per 10 gram and concluded at Rs 52953 per 10 gram.

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Silver’s price rose on Friday, mirroring that of gold. Silver fell Rs 878 to Rs 60442 per kilogramme. On the other hand, the silver price increased by Rs 67 per kg on Friday, closing at Rs 61320 per kg.

14 to 24 carat gold price

Thus, on Monday, 24-carat gold fell by Rs.547 to Rs.52,406, 23-carat gold fell by Rs.545 to Rs.52,196, 22-carat gold fell by Rs.501 to Rs.48,004, 18-carat gold fell by Rs.410 to Rs.39,305, and 14-carat gold fell by Rs.410 to Rs.39,305. Gold fell by Rs 320 to close at Rs 30658 per 10 gram.

Gold is down Rs 3800 and silver is down Rs19500 from their all-time highs

Gold is currently selling for Rs 3794 per 10 gram less than its all-time high. Let us remind you that gold reached an all-time high in August 2020. At the time, gold had reached a price of Rs 56200 per ten kilos. Silver, on the other hand, was falling below its all-time low of Rs 19538 per kilogram. Silver’s all-time high price is Rs 79980 per kilogram.

Know gold price through missed call

You can get the retail price of 22 carat and 18 carat gold jewellery by calling 8955664433. Rates will be received through SMS in a short while. In addition, you can stay up to date by visiting www.ibja.co or ibjarates.com.

Check the purity of gold

If you want to check the purity of gold right now, the government has created an app for that. Customers can check the purity of gold using the BIS Care app. You can use this app to not only check the purity of gold, but also to file a complaint about it.

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The purest gold is 24 carat gold

Let us inform you that 24 carat gold is the finest, yet it cannot be used to make jewellery since it is too soft. As a result, 22 carat gold is commonly employed in the creation of jewellery or jewellery. 24 carat gold is 99.9% pure, while 22 carat gold is around 91 percent pure. Jewelery is manufactured by combining 9% other metals such as copper, silver, and zinc in 22 carat gold, whereas 24 carat gold is brilliant but cannot be used to make jewellery. That is why most jewellers sell 22 carat gold.

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