BIG BREAKING: N Korea fires 10 ballistic missiles towards S Korea, it responds with 4 missiles

North Korea fires 10 ballistic missile towards the east sea, some fell within just 57 km from South Korea.

North Korea vs South Korea
Kim Jong Un, Yoon Suk-yeol

New Delhi: A senior North Korean military official has claimed that the US and South Korea are engaging “aggressive provocation” this week. He said that they were indulged in joint air force exercises. They also threatened repercussions if in case these exercise turns into an invasion.

As reported by the state-run Voice of Korea at noon on Tuesday, Korean People’s Army (KPA) Marshal and Politburo Presidium member Pak Jong Chon said he “estimates” Washington chose the code name “Vigilant Storm” for the drills as a “omen” or message to Pyongyang, evoking the U.S.’s 1991 air offensive against Iraq known as “Operation Desert Storm” (U.S. time).

North Korea fires 10 ballistic missiles

North Korea fires 10 ballistic missile towards the east sea, some fell within just 57 km from South Korea. For the first time Air Raid Sirens went off in South Korea following North Korea’s launch of Ballistic Missiles.

South Korea responds with 4 surface to air missiles

South Korea fires 4 Air to Surface missiles towards north of the maritime border with North Korea in response to North Korean missile launches, South Korea’s JCS confirmed. It has most probably launched precision missiles towards North Korean waters the missiles are said to have landed just within 100 km’s from North Korea’s coast.

South Korea closes air space

South Korea closes part of the Airspace over the East Sea amid the deteriorating conditions on the Korean Peninsula. The South Korean military alert raised to Level 2 meaning all stations including Air, Sea & Land forces to remain on standby for anything possible. South Korea expects renewed launches from North Korea.

American dream to “end the government”?

Pak Jong Chon further said that he thinks the joint exercises are an integral component of American intentions to “end the government” in the DPRK. In its National Defense Strategy, which was issued last week, the United States stated that the use of nuclear weapons by North Korea would “end” the regime.

Pak did not specify what Pyongyang will do if the drills only take place south of the inter-Korean border, despite his demands that Washington and Seoul “discontinue” the exercises and his claims that their “national security” were at risk.

US and South Korea to face fierce rebuttals if they use arms

“If the United States and south Korea attempt to use arms against us without fear, the special means of the armed forces of the DPRK will immediately perform their strategic mission and the United States and south Korea will face a shocking incident and pay the most terrible price in history,” Pak said in his statement, indicating the KPA will only attack if North Korea is attacked first.

Around nine hours after publishing the statement, North Korea launched a ballistic missile into the sea just off South Korea’s east coast, in what the ROK military called a “highly unprecedented” act that “can never be tolerated.” Seoul promised to “respond firmly” to the launch Wednesday morning.