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Vastu Tips for Footwear: Don’t keep shoes, slippers in this direction; luck can turn into misfortune

Vastu Tips for Footwear: Vaastu has a big impact on our life. Positive and negative rules are told in Vastu. Along with this, Vastu also guides us in the direction and condition of the goods kept in the house because if the things are not kept in a good direction, then it can affect our life and face problems. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about shoes and slippers, how and in which direction they should be kept. 

Vastu Tips for Footwear: Never keep shoes and slippers inverted

Many rules have been made regarding the placement of everything in Vastu. Shoes and slippers should never be kept upside down because negative energy resides in the house. Along with this, the happiness and peace of the house also get disturbed.

Take off your shoes here and there

Many people take off their shoes here and there in a hurry. It is considered very inauspicious to keep shoes spread like this in the object. Doing this brings poverty to the house, and people have to go through a financial crisis.

Do not keep in the north and east direction

It is prohibited to keep shoes and slippers in the north and east directions in Vastu. Doing this brings negative energy to the house and it has been said in Vastu that this direction belongs to Goddess Lakshmi. That’s why Mother Lakshmi gets angry with those who keep shoes and slippers in this direction.

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Put shoes on the shoe rack

It has been told in Vastu that shoes and slippers should always be kept on the rack. So that they do not spread here and there. Due to this, the house also looks clean, and there is no Vastu defect. According to Vastu, the shoe rack should always be kept in the south direction.

Vastu Tips for Footwear: Do not remove shoes and slippers at the door

Those who keep a pile of shoes and slippers at the door of the house should know that they are completely wrong. Taking off the shoes on the sound of the house brings inauspiciousness to the house, and there is conflict among the people in the house.

In which direction to keep them

According to Vastu, shoes and slippers should be kept in the south and west direction of the house. People who keep shoes in this direction, there is an atmosphere of peace in their house and there are chances of monetary gains.

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