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Mushroom Tikka Masala: Check out simple, easy recipe, step wise process

New Delhi: Everyone likes to eat Mushroom. It is a food that contains protein, fiber and vitamin D. Different types of vegetable are made from mushroom and some people like to eat it after frying. But do you know that a special recipe is also prepared from mushrooms? No isn’t it? Today we will tell you about a special dish of mushroom named Mushroom Tikka Masala. So let’s know how Mushroom Tikka Masala is made.

Ingredients for Mushroom Tikka Masala-

Red chilly
coriander powder
Gram Flour
Garam Masala
little oil
dried spices
salt to taste
Bay leaf
Kashmiri Red Chilli
green coriander

How to make Mushroom Tikka Masala?

To make Mushroom Tikka Masala, first of all put curd in a bowl.
Mix red chili, turmeric, coriander powder, gram flour and garam masala in a bowl with curd.
After this, add mushrooms to it and mix well.
Then you keep it to marinate for about 15-20 minutes.
After this, put some oil in a pan and heat it.
You put marinated mushrooms in it and fry them and take them out in a vessel.
You put some more oil in the same pan, then put cumin seeds in it.
When the cumin seeds are roasted, then add onion, garlic, ginger and tomato to it, as well as add dry spices and fry them.
After this, after cooling this mixture a little, grind it in a grinder to make a smooth paste.
Then you put some more oil in the same pan and heat it.
After the oil is hot, add bay leaves and Kashmiri red chillies and fry them.
Then you add the ground spices to it and cook it well till the oil leaves.
After this, add fried mushrooms to it and mix well.
Then after adding some water to it, cook it for a while and turn off the gas.

Now your delicious Mushroom Tikka Masala is ready. Eat it with roti-paratha, rumali roti and also feed it to the guests.

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