Friday, February 3, 2023

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Married men should do THESE 4 things to enhance their married lives

New Delhi: The relationship of husband and wife becomes even more beautiful when the bonding amongst them is strong. Devotion towards each other is essential. It is often seen in this relationship that the wife takes care of everything for the husband. But the husband does not respond on a similar frequency.

Mostly, he is dominated by patriarchal thinking. Because of which discontent is seen in this relationship every day. But by doing just four things, husbands can make his wife and family happy forever.

For this you do not need to work hard. You just have to be your wife’s strong support system. One has to take care of their feelings. Here are the 4 things by following which you can become a loving husband:

1. Try to be friend and lover, not a husband

For a beautiful life, the husband should treat his wife as a friend and lover. People think from the point of view of husband mostly. Hence, they are not able to understand the problems of their wife. But from the point of view of a friend, they can see things with more clarity.

Not only this, the wife will also talk to him openly. As much as we talk openly with our friends, we are not able to do so in any other relationship. If you treat her like a friend, she won’t feel alone. Rather, she will find the confidence of being with a friend and will talk more openly with you.

2. Learn to Care

Care is the foundation of any relationship. Due to lack of caring there is bitterness in the relationship. Whether it is a husband or wife, it is necessary to take care of each other to keep the relationship strong.

For example, if the wife has a headache, then the husband should massage it. If you are sick, seek advice from a doctor but together. Try to know about their likes and dislikes regarding small things which are not very significant. Due to this the sense of trust turns stronger. This establishes the sense of faith that the husband is going to remain as a support even in hard times.

3. Do household chores together 

If you want to be a loving and supportive husband, you can start with the kitchen. Help the wife with work in kitchen. If you do not know how to cook, then do chopping. Do the dusting. This will also help your wife a little.

At the same time, there will also be a feeling that the husband cares and is equally. If she does not get tired of work, then think that she will spend more time with you in bed. Women get so tired of the workload that they lose interest in sex. Therefore, to maintain the romance in the bed, you have to give a little time at home.

4. Help to advance career

It is often seen that women have to leave their jobs after marriage. Due to which the confidence of the wife breaks down. To be a good husband, it is necessary that he should discuss with his wife regarding career choices. Support her if she wants to work.

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