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Constitution Day: PM Modi’s 23 year old hand-written letter goes viral

New Delhi: On the occasion of Indian Constitution Day, a letter written in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handwriting is going viral on social media. The letter is from 1999, when it was written by Narendra Modi on the occasion of completion of 50 years of the Constitution.

Narendra Modi wrote this 

Narendra Modi wrote in the letter 23 years ago, ’50 years of the Constitution have been completed. There is a need for nationwide discussion on whether our duties or our rights can take the nation forward? How can nation-building become a mass movement in the next century?’

On the occasion of Constitution Day, this letter of PM Modi is present on the Twitter handle named Modi Archive, which he wrote in his own handwriting in 1999. Information showing PM Modi’s deep faith in the Constitution has also been shared on this Twitter handle on many other occasions.

Samvidhaan Gaurav Yatra

In 2009 i.e. on the completion of 60 years of the Constitution, the then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi had organized the Constitution Gaurav Yatra in 2010. A historic procession was taken out in Surendranagar, Gujarat. A huge replica of the Indian Constitution was placed on top of an elephant in the yatra.

‘Bharat Nu Samvidhan’

In 2011, on the occasion of completion of 62 years of the Constitution, Narendra Modi released a Gujarati version of the Constitution of India named ‘Bharat Nu Samvidhan’. Modi believed that publishing the Indian Constitution in the local language would help people better understand the country’s laws and convey its underlying spirit.

Tribute to the constitution

In 2015, on the completion of 65 years of the Constitution, PM Modi had announced to celebrate Constitution Day on 26 November every year in honor of the Indian Constitution. When Narendra Modi became Prime Minister again in 2019, he bowed to the Constitution in the Central Hall of Parliament before assuming his second term.

PM Modi attended the Constitution Day 2022 

On Saturday, PM Modi participated in the celebration of Constitution Day 2022 in the Supreme Court. Addressing the event, PM Modi said, “The first three words of the Preamble of the Constitution – ‘We the People’ are not just words… It is a call, a resolution, a belief. Today the world is looking towards us with great expectations. He said that today our country is moving forward with full potential taking pride in all its diversities and our biggest strength behind this is our Constitution.

Prime Minister Modi said that we have to strengthen India’s identity as the mother of democracy. The spirit of our constitution is ‘youth centric’. Today, on Constitution Day, I would also make a request to the judiciary of the country that debate and discussion should be increased. Increase the understanding of the constitution among the youth.

Explain that Constitution Day is celebrated every year on 26 November since 2015 to commemorate the adoption of the Constitution of India by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November in 1949. Earlier, this day was celebrated as Law Day.

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