Heinous! Son, mother kill navy-retired father, cut into pieces with saw, then lodge missing complaint

Kolkata: In a shocking incident from West Bengal, a son murdered his retired Navy father, sawed him into pieces with a saw, and then filed a police report in the Baruipur area of South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. The son had filed a missing report for his retired Navy father.

Following the complaint, the police officers involved in the investigation recovered the body. When the police investigated, they discovered that the son and his mother had murdered the father and dismembered his body with a saw before disposing of it.

According to police, on November 19, a decomposed body wrapped in plastic was recovered from a pond. This is the story of Ujjwal Chakraborty, a 55-year-old former naval officer. Ujjwal Chakraborty served as an anti-commissioned officer in the Indian Navy before retiring in 2000.

Son killed father after fight

On November 15, the deceased’s family members filed a missing person’s report, but after the case was revealed, it was discovered that the son had murdered the father.

On November 14, there was a fight in the family. The quarrel became so heated that the son attacked his father, causing the father to die.

Following that, the son dismembered his father’s body into five pieces and reassembled them with his mother.

The dead body was cut into five pieces

According to police, Ujjwal Chakraborty, a former naval officer, left the Indian Navy 22 years ago and worked for two other private companies. Ujjwal was unable to work in both firms for an extended period of time and frequently skipped work.

According to the police, Ujjwal had a bad drinking habit. The police stated that at the moment, only the rotten upper part of the dead body floating on the surface of the pond has been recovered.

The wife and son killed him, sawed him into five pieces, and threw him in the pond. They also filed a missing person’s report. Police said they are looking into the matter further.

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