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Shraddha Murder: Police continue to unearth horrific events after Aftab’s confession

New Delhi: As the Shraddha murder case unfolds, the Delhi Police has found a series of horrifying events planned by the accused, Aftab Ameen Poonawalla.

In a spine-chilling incident in Delhi’s Mehruali area, the accused, Aftab, was in a live-in relationship with a girl named Shraddha from Mumbai. Aftab killed Shraddha and chopped off his body parts, dumping them in the Mehrauli forest on May 18, after the two had a fight. The accused used to go out around 2 a.m. every day to dump the body parts.

Yes, I did kill her: Aftab

Aftab confessed to the crime to the police and then led them on their way to collect all of Shraddha’s body parts on Tuesday. The Delhi Police recovered 13 pieces of Shraddha Walker’s dead body from the jungle of Mehrauli, where the accused claimed to dispose of the victim’s body remains.

Poonawalla used only one weapon to chop up Shraddha’s body parts. Aftab had used a mini-saw to chop off the body parts. The minisaw is yet to be recovered. Aftab broke down after they grilled him when he gave confused timelines of when Shraddha left him.

Common Friend Suspected Something Strange

A common friend of Shraddha and Aftab told the police that the couple used to fight a lot. After one such fight, the victim texted her friend, pleading him to save her or Aftab would kill her.

The friend, along with a few others, reached their flat in Chattarpur, but the matter was settled when Aftab apologised for his behaviour.

Afterwards, the friend lost contact with Shraddha. After 2 months or so, the friend tried to contact the victim but failed. Following this, he was suspicious if everything is fine with Shraddha.

Then, he informed Shraddha’s family, who approached the police. As per the police, Shraddha was forcing Aftab to get married, which triggered the latter to commit the heinous crime.

Aftab used victim’s Instagram to give impression of being alive

The Delhi Police has found out that the accused Aftab used the victim’s social media account until June to give an impression of her being alive.

Stored Shraddha’s Face In Refrigerator

As horrific as it sounds, Aftab had stored the victim’s face in his fridge along with eatables. He had bought a new refrigerator of 300 liters’ capacity after chopping off the victim.

Once he got rid of all the parts, he cleaned the fridge with a special chemical so that nothing could be traced in the forensic test.

Two met on Dating App

As per the media reports, the two met on a dating app. Both began dating each other very quickly, and were living together in no time.

Aftab Brought Another Girl While Shraddha’s Parts Were In Fridge

The accused had invited another girl, whom he had met through a dating app. As per the media reports, the Delhi Police may contact Bumble to obtain information about Aftab’s profile and the identities of women who visited him at home while his body was still in the refrigerator. Police are looking at the possibility that any of these women could be the reason behind this killing.

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