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Shocking! Husband kills wife with iron rod, had doubts over character

A heinous crime occurred in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, about a week ago. A woman covered in blood was taken to the district hospital. Even the doctors were taken aback by her condition. Treatment was immediately initiated, but the woman died as a result of the excessive blood flow. This incident was committed solely by the woman’s husband. The suspicion of an illegal relationship is cited as the reason for this.

Wife beaten with iron rod

This incident occurred in Manjhanpur Kotwali’s Faizipur village. The accused’s name is Mobin Ahmed, and his wife’s name is Ashiya Bano. According to reports, Mobin suspected Ashiya of having an illicit relationship with another man. This was a frequent source of contention between the two.

Even on the day of the incident, the two had a heated argument. Mobin is accused of assaulting his wife with an iron rod kept in the house. He struck Ashiya in the head several times with the iron rod. Ashiya collapsed, covered in blood.

Ashiya Bano was mother of two kids

The villagers are filled with rage and grief as a result of this incident. Mobin and Ashiya are the parents of two children. On the day of the incident, both of the children were present. The children tried to stop Mobin from picking up the iron rod.

When the accused refused to agree, both children began shouting loudly. People gathered around after hearing the commotion. But it was too late by the time they could save Ashiya.

Ashiya, who had suffered severe injuries, was rushed to the district hospital. He was referred to SRN Hospital in Prayagraj due to his serious condition. However, he died during treatment.

What will happen to children if father is imprisoned?

Following this heinous incident, the police arrested and imprisoned the accused, Mobin Ahmed. He was originally charged under Section 307, which has since been changed to Section 302.

According to neighbours, the husband and wife’s relationship was strained and they frequently fought.

The future of both children is currently jeopardised following the death of the mother and the imprisonment of the father.

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