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SHOCKING! 3 year old girl molested by driver in school bus

A shocking story has emerged from Bhopal, here a school bus driver molested a 3 and a half year old girl studying in nursery in the bus.

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New Delhi: A shocking story has emerged from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. Here a bus driver crossed all limits of cruelty with a 3 and a half year old girl studying in nursery. The incident came to light from a famous private school in Bhopal.

The nursery student was raped by the school bus driver in the bus itself. When the girl reached home her mother scratch marks on her private parts. The girl then told her mother about the abhorrent act of the bus driver.

What happened?

As usual, the mother arrived on September 8 to send her child to school in a school bus. When the girl returned from school during the day, she wore home clothes instead of school clothes, as she was told that she had vomited in school. After coming home, the mother took off the girl’s clothes and saw that there were scratch marks on her private parts.

When she asked the girl whether someone touches you bad? So the 3 and a half year old girl revealed the disgusting act of the bus driver and said that the driver uncle is very bad. Not only this, the girl told her mother regarding the cruel act she experienced. She then narrated that he licks my lips, touches my chest, touches my face and even touches my private body parts.

The girl recognized the driver

When the mother showed the girl the photo of the driver, the girl quickly recognized him and said that this is the dirty uncle. On being inquired, the school administration said that they keep drivers only after police verification. When asked for the CCTV footage of the bus from the school, they said that they delete all the footage in 3 to 4 days.

The administration also said that even if the clothes of the girl are wet, the sister present in the bus changes the clothes and not the driver of the bus. However, they said that they will fully cooperate in the police investigation.

Police has registered a case

On the statement of the girl, a complaint was lodged at the Mahila Police Station in Bhopal. During this, the mother told that even a week ago, the girl had told her that her private part was hurting but she did not take it seriously. But when she saw the scratch marks in his private, my heart was shaken.

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