Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Prostitution racket busted in Patna; 5 women, 1 minor detained

New Delhi: An inter-state racket of prostitution has been exposed in Patna, the capital of Bihar. Police investigation has revealed that the head of the prostitution racket exposed in Subhash Nagar area is an engineer working in Telco.

The accused has been identified as Ritesh, a resident of Hilsa (Nalanda). The main accused Ritesh is working in Jamshedpur. This racket of prostitution was not limited to Patna. Ritesh and his associates were also running the racket in Ranchi and Tata.

5 women, 1 minor rescued

Ritesh told that he was involved in this racket for over 5 years. The prostitution racket was busted in Subhash Nagar area of Khemnichak in Patna. 6 women including 1 minor were detained.

Two of the rescued women are residents of Hilsa police station area of ​​Nalanda district. Whereas 2 victims are from Chandi and 1 victim is from West Bengal. In this case, a case has also been registered in Ramkrishna Nagar police station under the POCSO Act.

SSP Patna, Manavjit Singh Dhillon has entrusted the responsibility of investigating the matter to Sadar ASP Sandeep Singh. According to the information, Mamta, a woman arrested with Ritesh, is said to be his associate. Both Ritesh and Mamta are residents of Hilsa. It is said that Mamta was married earlier, but in the desire to live a life of luxury, she left her husband and started living with a person named Suhail of Bhagalpur.

Ritesh was Mamta’s customer

During the interrogation, Mamta told that she joined this business of her own free will. Ritesh was his client. Later both of them started conducting prostitution business together. Police claim that both of them used to send girls to big doctors, builders and politicians too. He has earned a lot of wealth from black business.

Two luxury vehicles have also been confiscated by the police. Both the vehicles had private drivers. The arrested Rahul used to drive Mamta’s car. The people of the locality were also stunned to see their smile.

Girls were trapped like this

Two girls from Chandi, including the rescued minor, have made shocking revelations in the interrogation. She told that she reached here after getting trapped in the love trap. A boy approached them and trapped all three of them in a love trap. It is alleged that the boy talked about love and affection and called Patna on the pretext of marriage. After this they were pushed into the business of prostitution.

Two women from Hilsa told the police that they had left the house after getting fed up with the harassment of their husband. Got into this business to make a living. The girl from Bengal was pushed into the business of prostitution on the pretext of getting a job.

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