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‘If you have passion, you’ll find inspiration everywhere’: Architect Shreya Mahajan

Despite her personal struggles in her early life, Shreya has always continued forward with an unwavering determination.

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Being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated field like architecture and paving your way into becoming on the most recognisable faces there, is no small feat – and neither is it easy, but Shreya Mahajan has put in the work to do just that.

She has a decorated career and has been the recipient of prestigious architectural awards. She has been entered into the coveted list of “10 most Influential Interior Designers of 2021” by Business Connect. And has achieved several more wins after starting her practice as an individual architect. Her firm ‘Shreya Mahajan Architects’ has been awarded as “The Most Creative Commercial and Residential Interior Designer in Maharashtra” by the Reseal Group with The Maharashtra Udyojakta Puraskar.

Since going solo in 2019, Shreya Mahajan has completed dozens of successful projects and has left her mark all over Maharashtra. She has luxury homes, farmhouses, hospitals, a spiritual centre, renovations, showrooms, and offices to her credit. Of her work, she says, “Starting my own firm, and trying to find my place in this huge field has been a challenge – but I never shy from a challenge! We are on top of 30 projects at the moment and it’s a thrill.”

She continues, “As an architect you get to impact peoples’ in a positive way and you can bring joy to so many people with your work… It truly is heartwarming. You get to be on the skyline and in peoples’ hearts.”

Her designs bring in a combination of Vastu principles and modernity to the clients. Her creative process includes working closely with the client to deliver their vision. She also works with a slew of experts on her projects to bring them as close as possible to absolute perfection, Shreya comments, “We believe that designing and executing projects require effective collaboration between design, construction, management of professionals and visionary leadership; and therefore, we collaborate with a wide range of expert consultants to provide clients with effective and integrated solutions.”

Her commitment to her work is unmatched; Shreya has always held a deep passion for architecture and goes by the personal work philosophy, “If you have passion, you’ll find inspiration everywhere. Creativity and passion spark up your mind and lead you to being your best self, your mind never runs out of ideas.”

Despite her personal struggles in her early life, Shreya has always continued forward with an unwavering determination. Learning from the hard times and working her way to the top without being weighed down by her grief. She opened up about her personal life and told us, “Struggles define who I am today! Building up a business, proving our mettle, ensuring our services are always consistent and the best – nothing comes easy. But, I have learnt to manage things properly and stick to my schedule. In reality, we all face struggles but sharing them with someone helps us find a way out. Their is no reason to struggle alone. There are lessons to be learnt from our struggles -always.”

Her story and her determination are an inspiration to many – especially to young women. She stands as a worthy role model to all the young women who have big dreams. As Shreya Mahajan says, “Us women are an unstoppable force- once we set our minds to things, it’s hard to hold us back. No matter what anyone says, we are capable of doing anything and everything.”

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