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What! Prada Selling Paper Clip For Rs 33000 And It’s OUT OF STOCK

According to Prada website, the 'Money Clip' is constructed of 925 silver and stands 6.5 cm tall. This one paperclip costs Rs 33,540.

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Prada Paper Clip
Prada Paper Clip

When one thinks of Prada, one thinks of classic ‘utility chic’ ensembles like clean-cut power suits, famous baguette bags, and neutral-colored skirts with classic cuts. However, another item created by the Italian design business has recently caused a sensation on social media. And it’s a paperclip called ‘Money Clip’. This footage was originally released in 2017. According to its website, the ‘Money Clip’ is constructed of 925 silver and stands 6.5 cm tall. According to Moneycontrol, this one paperclip costs Rs 33,540. Normally, a pack of numerous paperclips costs less than Rs 100 at a stationery store.

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Public Reaction On This Paper Clip

An X user commented on the pricey paperclip, saying, “If you ever feel stupid, just remember someone spent $400 on a Prada Engraved Paperclip…” Another individual stated, “If you purchase the Prada paperclip, I will rob you. Someone else mentioned that I’d never spend $185 for a paperclip, even if it’s made of silver and emblazoned with Prada. It’s just too much for such a simple product.

Prada is not the only premium clothes business experimenting with unusual styles in recent years. In November of last year, Balenciaga introduced a terry cotton towel skirt. This unisex skirt is priced at 925 US dollars (about Rs 77,026). The skirt comes in small and medium sizes and has two buttons at the waist.

Balenciaga Towel Skirt

IKEA mocked Balenciaga’s towel by launching its own ‘VINARN Towel Skirt’. In a post that resembled Balenciaga’s model, IKEA uploaded a photo of a model wearing the VINARN towel skirt, which costs 16 euros (roughly Rs 1,500).

A similar Thing Happened With Gucci

In 2019, luxury company Gucci released a pair of worn and unkempt sneakers. The sneakers were priced at 615 euros (about Rs 55,000). According to the website, these shoes are “a pastiche of different influences that span across decades,” with materials inspired by retro sportswear.

In a post about them, a user commented, “I wouldn’t pay £615 for any trainers, never mind some that look like they have been worn by someone for the last 6 months while working in a field.”

Similarly, in 2018, Italian manufacturer Golden Goose developed a pair of shoes that were supposed to have a battered look with duct tape applied to them. These shoes were priced at 530 US dollars (about Rs 44,000). According to the brand’s website, the design features crumply hold-it-all-together tape elements on a faded leather shoe in a throwback low profile with a distinctive sidewall star and a filthy rubber cup sole.

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