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Horrifying! A Woman Murdered Her Look Alike To Escape Her Strict Iraqi Family

A lady in Germany is on trial for allegedly killing a lookalike to fake her death and flee her strict Iraqi family.

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Iraq Couple Murdered A German Woman
Iraq Couple Murdered A German Woman

A lady in Germany is on trial for allegedly killing a lookalike to fake her death and flee her strict Iraqi family.

The woman, Shahraban Kh-B, was initially considered to be the murder victim after a young woman’s blood-soaked body was discovered in a parked Mercedes in Ingolstadt, southern Germany, in August 2022. Several members of her family had already recognized her remains, but an autopsy report raised concerns. The victim was later identified as Khadidja O, a 23-year-old beauty blogger of Algerian descent from Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg.

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Doppelganger Murder Case

The two women indeed look remarkably similar, therefore the case was called the murderer of the doppelgangers. Shahraban Kh-B is reported to have hunted down her doppelganger on social media and, with her boyfriend, stabbed her 50 times in an attempt to flee her family. Sheqir K, a 24-year-old Kosovan man, is suspected of helping in the murder.

Prosecutors Intend To Charge The Couple with Murder

Prosecutors intend to examine 190 witnesses in court and have charged the couple with murder after conducting comprehensive DNA tests and an examination of social media and phone data. Neither of them has issued a statement or responded to the claims. Proceedings on the trial’s opening day were postponed today after defense counsel stated that a fair trial would be impossible since prosecutors had presented extra papers that needed to be evaluated.

Sheqir K and Shahraban Kh-B allegedly sent their victim a message on August 9th, 2022, promising her the chance to appear in a video for German artist Lune. Khadidja became suspicious of the request and phoned the rapper, who informed her that the invitation was forged. Two days later, she received another message offering a free beauty treatment.

Shahraban Kh-B and Sheqir K allegedly picked up Khadidja from her home in a black Mercedes and stopped at a wooded area. According to Veronika Grieser of the Ingolstadt state prosecutor’s office, after convincing her to get out of the car, the perpetrators struck her on the back of her head at least once, causing her to fall to the ground before killing her with 56 knife stabs. Andreas Aichele, a police spokesman, added: Her face was gravely damaged by the more than 50 knife stabs.

While prosecutors maintained that it was not unusual for new documents to be presented following an indictment, the court has yet to decide whether to suspend proceedings. The court is scheduled to rule on this next week. If found guilty, the two may face life in prison.

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