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Boss Takes The Wheel To Shield Employees From Chilly Winter

A store employee named Rafin shared a video on TikTok, explaining that her boss picked up each employee from their homes

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Jan 18, 2024 17:57 IST
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The havoc of cold weather is prevailing in many parts of the world, and weather-related warnings have been issued. Its most significant impact is on transportation for commutes and office arrivals. While some employees are working from home, others are facing difficulties reaching the office. In this context, a case from Portland, Oregon, involving the boss of a shopping store has gone viral on social media.

A store employee named Ruffin shared a video on TikTok, explaining that her boss picked up each employee from their homes in his car to ensure that no one falls ill during the snowy storm, making it difficult to commute. In the video caption, Ruffin expressed her hope that the store would decide to close today considering the cold weather. In the clip, she was seen standing in the snow-covered parking lot of her workplace with colleagues, and on-screen text read, ‘When everyone tried to take a day off by calling, but the boss drove himself to pick everyone up.’

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In the comment section, Ruffin also mentioned that her boss went the extra mile by dropping all the employees home after work on that day. She wrote, ‘I am not bothered at all. I respect his courage and effort.’

Ruffin shared this video on Sunday, and people immediately responded with numerous reactions. One user said, ‘My boss did this once, and we all ended up in an accident due to the snow.’ Another commented, ‘I would call it putting people’s lives at risk for a job.’

Meanwhile, according to The Independent, last week, extremely cold temperatures, snowstorms, and freezing rain wreaked havoc in almost every part of Oregon. Doctors were also investigating deaths due to hypothermia, as the light rain turned into icy rain and heavy snow fell in the usually mild cities, forcing hundreds of people to seek shelter in warming centers overnight.

Last weekend, certain areas of Portland experienced up to 5 inches of snow, with temperatures lingering below freezing. As the workday commenced, employees at Cascade Plaza in the Beaverton area faced the cold with less enthusiasm.

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First published on: Jan 18, 2024 05:57 PM IST

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