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Restaurant Owner Dismisses Allegations Of Workers Using Frying Net In Drain Cleaning

In a video shared by the Instagram handle of Istanbul Darbar, Shahbaz Sheikh, the owner of the restaurant, denied all the allegations made by the reporter.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 24, 2024 17:50 IST
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A Mumbai restaurant has come under scrutiny after an employee was caught cleaning the kitchen drain with a pan. A video of the incident soon sparked outrage among social media users, prompting a response from the eatery’s owner. The worker continued cleaning despite being noticed by an official filming him, and after removing the drum, he covered the drain slab. 

It all started after journalist Siraj Noorani, according to his social media, posted a video of an employee working at the Istanbul Darbar. In the video, a person in uniform could be seen removing the drain pan from the kitchen utensils normally used for frying chicken.

Noorani shared the video as a warning to people about eating fried food from a restaurant near Kalpana Theater on Kurla West LBS Road. “There is a hotel called ISTANBUL DARBAR in Mumbai, Kurla West LBS Road, next to Kalpana Theatre, which is said to serve delicious food. Be careful if you eat fried. Know what is behind it,” he emphasized.

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In a video shared on Istanbul Darbar’s Instagram handle, Shahbaz Sheikh, the owner of the eatery, refuted all of Noorani’s claims. He stated that the fry net used by the worker was a tool used solely for cleaning. Sheikh’s statement came shortly after the controversial cleaning video went viral. In his video, Sheikh urged social media users not to trust such videos that are circulated to defame others.

“I clarify that the equipment seen in the video is only used for cleaning. It is not used for cooking or frying. No restaurant owner ever wants to hurt the feelings of customers. Beware of false information because such videos are only intended to offend people. You can be confident in our hygiene and safety standards. This is our responsibility. Thank you,” he said.

The restaurant captioned the explanatory video: “Don’t believe everything you see online. Regarding the viral video, Istanbul Darbar follows strict hygiene standards to ensure your safety. Your trust means everything to us.”

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First published on: May 24, 2024 05:50 PM IST

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