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Marathi Family Brings Vada Pav to Pakistan, Netizens React, WATCH

A Marathi family in Pakistan has gained viral attention after a video surfaced of them selling Vada Pav, a popular Indian street food. This unexpected cultural exchange has sparked a debate among netizens about the country's diversity. While many celebrate the blending of culinary traditions, others raise concerns over cultural appropriation. The story highlights the power of food in bridging cultural gaps and fostering understanding.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 23, 2024 12:07 IST
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Marathi Family Sells Vada Pav in Pakistan
Marathi Family Sells Vada Pav in Pakistan

Atrocities against minorities in Pakistan are often exposed and an Instagram video shows a Marathi family selling Vada pav in Karachi. A viral video depicting another side of the country has garnered positive reactions on social media.

This video of a Marathi family in Pakistan was shared by Instagram influencer Dheeraj Mandhan with the caption “Pakistan is full of different cultures. Introducing a Marathi family from Pakistan. Full video coming on YouTube channel”.


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Nearly 100 Marathi-speaking families live in Karachi, Pakistan, making up the area’s population of about 500.

Karachi’s 160-year-old Narayan Jagannath High School is a testament to diverse culture and roots of Pakistan. Narayan Jagannath High School is the first government school established in Sindh region of Pakistan.

Videos widely shared on social media show a family from Maharashtra, India, who moved to Pakistan and decided to bring a taste of their homeland to their new community. Vada Pav, a spicy potato-filled bun, is popular with locals and shows how food can bridge cultural gaps.

The video generated mixed reactions online. Some netizens celebrated the introduction of multiculturalism and praised the family for sharing the beloved Indian snack with their Pakistani neighbours.

Comments such as ‘Food knows no boundaries’ and ‘A beautiful blend of cultures’ were common, with many appreciating the unique fusion of Indian and Pakistani culinary traditions.

So proud looking maratha family in Kurta Payjama….Paridhan Parivesh or Astha ka gala ghot diya or reel bana raha hai ki khush hai bhai…dekh ke lag raha hai Jahan kapde pehne ki azadi nhi hai waha khush rehna sikh gye ho…khush nhi ho,” commented an Instagram user on the post.

‘Being a u.p wali I am happy to see my maharastrian brothers in karachi,’ another user wrote.

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As a karachiite i feel so good after watching this, Karachi is culturally and religiously most diverse city of Pakistan. Hindus, Christians and Parsis have a huge role in Karachi’s history,’ was the most exciting comment.

Despite the differences, the Vada Pav project of a Marathi family in Pakistan has definitely caught the attention of people on both sides of the border. This sparked a debate about the wider effects of cultural exchange and the role of food in uniting different communities.

In a region often plagued by political tensions, this story of culinary intersections is a reminder of everyday human relationships that transcend national boundaries. Whether it’s seen as a celebration of diversity or controversial, a Marathi family’s quest to sell Vada Pav in Pakistan shows the role food plays in promoting understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

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As the video continues to circulate online, it remains to be seen how this story of cultural diversity will evolve and how it will affect perceptions of cross-border cultural exchange in South Asia.


First published on: May 23, 2024 12:07 PM IST

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