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‘Chappal Maarungi Muh Pe…’, Female Passenger Verbally Attacks Uber Driver After Taxi Breakdown

A viral video sheds light on a tense altercation between a female passenger and an Uber driver whose vehicle broke down mid-trip. The incident sparks debate over appropriate behavior and mutual respect between service providers and customers.

Edited By : News24 Desk | Updated: May 23, 2024 17:31 IST
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Female Passenger Verbally Attacks After Taxi Breakdown Uber Driver
Female Passenger Verbally Attacks After Taxi Breakdown Uber Driver

A recent viral video shines a light on a less discussed scenario: the harassment of men by women. The footage captures a tense conversation between a female passenger and an Uber driver whose vehicle broke down in the middle of the trip. There was a barrage of insults and demands directed at the driver, portraying the challenges he faced due to the unfortunate incident.

The video begins with the woman expressing her frustration at the breakdown and threatening to sue the driver. Despite his pleas for understanding, she continues to belittle his livelihood by insulting his taxi as inadequate ‘Ghatiya, do koudi ki gadi’. In his defence, the driver explains that he relies on his job to make ends meet, but she ignores his pleas and scoffs at his position.

She continued to demand a refund of the reduced price of Rs. 150, ignoring the driver’s explanation that Uber handles refunds. She even goes so far as to accuse him of cheating.

When the driver threatens to report her behavior to Uber, the woman’s ego spins out of control. She bashed at him ‘Chappal maarungi sidha muh pe,’, escalating the situation with threat of physical violence and public humiliation.

The video caused widespread reaction among viewers, with some condemning the woman’s behavior as inappropriate and emphasizing the importance of human dignity. ‘She clearly crossed the line! Her behavior is not acceptable, although the driver may not have maintained the vehicle, still, you can’t treat your fellow man like that, said one.’

‘The police should register the incident and create a file on these types of people for that in the future, when these types of women falsely accuse someone, the accused should not go to jail until proven guilty,’ commented another.

Others, however, argue that while her tone of voice was disturbing, a driver has a responsibility to keep properly working vehicle for customer satisfaction.

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One commented: ‘I completely agree with the woman’s point of view. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the car is in good order to avoid inconvenience to the passenger. However, I do not appreciate her tone.’

‘Both are wrong. But this time the lady is more correct because if she pays the amount, she has got every right to get the best possible service. ‘Rozi roti hai toh theek karao’ is true.’ The car must be neat and clean and safe for the customer, as promised by Uber, another said.

On the matter, an Uber spokesperson said, “We believe respect is a two-way street and there is no place for threatening, discriminatory and inappropriate behaviour on the Uber platform. Any proven discriminatory behaviour may lead to penalties including removal of user’s access from the Uber app and we will be guided by our community guidelines in all such cases, including this one.”

The video has garnered more than 276,000+ views, sparking a conversation about appropriate behavior and mutual respect between service providers and customers.

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First published on: May 23, 2024 02:02 PM IST

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