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Bengaluru Resident Seeks Refuge In OYO Room To Escape The Heat; Company Responds

Rishabh Srivastava, a Bengaluru resident joked about "chill" to "grill" weather, seeking refuge in OYO hotel, drawing witty response from OYO and CEO Ritesh Agarwal.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Apr 3, 2024 16:47 IST
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Bengaluru Heat
Bengaluru Heat

In recent weeks, Bengaluru, known as India’s startup capital, has been facing various challenges, such as scorching heat and water shortages. In response to the rising temperatures, an individual named Rishabh Srivastava took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to humorously comment on the situation. He compared the city’s current climate, typically known for its pleasant weather, to a shift from “chill” to “grill”. Srivastava joked that the heat was so intense that he had to book a room at an OYO hotel. Unsurprisingly, his tweet grabbed the attention of the multinational hospitality chain, which also joined in with a playful jab at Bengaluru’s weather.

Rishabh Srivastava humorously remarked on X that it seems Bangalore’s weather has upgraded from “chill” to “grill”. He further quipped that because he “can’t survive without AC,” he had to “take refuge” by checking into an OYO hotel. In response to Mr. Srivastava’s post, OYO Rooms chimed in with a witty comment. They reposted the X user’s tweet and wrote, “Bangalore, you had one job. But now, we’re doing it”.

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OYO’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ritesh Agarwal, echoed the sentiment expressed by the company’s official account and reshared the post.

Bengaluru recently witnessed its highest maximum temperature for March in the past five years, soaring to 36.4 degrees Celsius on Friday. Furthermore, on Sunday, temperatures in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, surpassed 40 degrees Celsius. These rising temperatures have led to the onset of heatwave conditions, with people already feeling the impact of the scorching weather.

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First published on: Apr 03, 2024 11:06 AM IST

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