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Horrifying! Colleague Caught Poisoning Pregnant Woman In Office; Reason Will Shock You

In a Hubei office, a pregnant woman suspected poisoning after noticing an odd taste in the water. Surveillance footage showed a colleague tampering with her drink, confessing to trying to induce a miscarriage to evade extra work

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Apr 2, 2024 10:43 IST
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China Slow Poison
China Slow Poison

It’s alarming to hear about the disturbing actions taken by a Chinese woman to evade extra workload in her office. A pregnant employee working at a government-affiliated institution in Hubei province became suspicious when the tap water in the office started tasting strange. Despite switching to sealed bottled water, the unusual taste persisted, prompting her to investigate further.

During discussions with colleagues about her predicament, a friend jokingly suggested that someone might be trying to poison her. Taking the suggestion seriously, the pregnant woman decided to discreetly record her workspace.

Upon reviewing the footage captured by her recording device, she was shocked to witness a colleague clandestinely adding a powdery substance to her water bottle while she was away from her desk.

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According to the screenshot of the conversation on WeChat, when the pregnant woman confronted her colleague about the alleged ‘slow poison’ added to her water, she was taken aback by the response she received. The colleague confessed to adding the substance, stating that she did so in an attempt to induce a miscarriage, causing the pregnancy to terminate prematurely. This revelation left the pregnant woman stunned and horrified by the malicious intent behind her colleague’s actions.

The motive behind the poisoning incident was revealed to be the suspect’s desire to avoid increased workload during the victim’s maternity leave. To prevent this workload escalation, she resorted to attempting to terminate the victim’s pregnancy. The victim promptly reported the incident to the authorities, leading to an ongoing investigation. The seriousness of the case is underscored by the potential criminal implications if it’s determined that the suspect acted with the intention of causing harm. This alarming incident has garnered widespread attention on Chinese social media platforms, sparking surprise and concern among the public regarding the lengths some individuals may go to cope with work-related pressures.

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First published on: Apr 02, 2024 10:43 AM IST

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