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Viral Video: Man Lies On Car Bonnet For Reel At Delhi’s Signature Bridge, Internet Reacts

On social media platforms, the quest for viral content often leads individuals to perform hazardous stunts that blatantly defy traffic laws. A specific video originating from Delhi has sparked widespread controversy online, drawing condemnation for its extreme nature, solely aimed at garnering attention.

Edited By : Saurav Gupta | Mar 31, 2024 16:30 IST
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Viral Video: Man Lies On Car Bonnet For Reel At Delhi’s Signature Bridge
Viral Video: Man Lies On Car Bonnet For Reel At Delhi’s Signature Bridge

In pursuit of creating viral content, individuals on social media often engage in risky stunts that blatantly disregard traffic regulations. One particular video from Delhi has sparked controversy online, with many condemning its extreme nature solely for the sake of gaining attention.

The footage begins with two women seated inside a car, one in the driver’s seat and the other in the passenger seat, parked on Signature Bride. Both women appear to dismissively gesture towards an individual who, surprisingly, is lying on the car’s bonnet, attempting to apologize to them. The camera then pans out, revealing the car in motion as the man remains prone on his stomach on the bonnet.

While after the uproar caused by the viral Holi incident involving two girls, multiple videos featuring another girl engaging in obscene behavior, flouting regulations, and endorsing alcohol in the guise of creating reels have surfaced on social media.

Manoj Sharma Lucknow UP, a user on X (formerly Twitter), shared three videos and a screenshot of an account named Ruchi Singh__, shedding light on the issue. One video showcases five individuals recklessly riding a single bike, blatantly disregarding traffic norms for the sake of creating content.

Another video depicts the girl dancing provocatively with an empty alcohol bottle on a flyover road at night to the tune of ‘Zara Sa Jhoom Lu’ for Instagram. Additionally, she is seen sitting backwards on her bike, blowing kisses to other commuters in a third video.

Remarkably, the girl’s Instagram account boasts 4 million followers, as revealed in the shared screenshot.

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Responding to the post, Firozabad Police assured that the Cyber police station would take appropriate legal measures. Furthermore, Shikohabad police seized the motorcycle involved, initiating legal action under the MV Act for traffic violations.

Meanwhile, two girls, previously infamous for their indecent Instagram Reels filmed during Holi, were apprehended by Noida Police on March 28.

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First published on: Mar 31, 2024 04:30 PM IST

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