104 Years Identical Twin Sisters, Still Very Fit, Tell The Secret Of Long Life

These two females are identical twins. He is 104 years old. The key to his long life has been revealed. August 1919 saw the birth of both in Stockport, England.

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Identical Twins

The ages of these two identical twins have surpassed 100 years old. He is 104 years old. Thelma Barrett and Alma Harris are their names. August 1919 saw the birth of both in Stockport, England. They both lead amiable lives.

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These days, the two sisters share a care facility. When the Second World War started, both sisters were 19 years old. At this age, he has witnessed three royal family coronations and 22 national prime ministers. The lives of Alma and Thelma have been quite similar.

He worked a part-time job after school when he was fourteen years old, according to a Mirror UK story. quit her employment at the age of twenty-one after getting married. Additionally, the marriage happened three months apart. He has now disclosed the key to his extended existence. She claims that each night she has a glass of brandy.

What Do The Identical Twins Say? 

“We exchange glances and remark, ‘Who would have imagined we would live to this age?'” Thelma adds. We were not thinking. However, we remain here. Every night, Elma also has brandy and lemonade. “You stay young if you think of yourself as young,” explains Alma.

Bill Hewitt was the name of Alma’s spouse. In contrast, Thelma’s spouse was Joseph Barrett. During World War II, he was compelled to labor in an aircraft factory producing parts for the Royal Air Force. Thelma’s spouse was incarcerated in Italy. He was held as a POW for a while.

These sisters describe the greatest benefit of having twins as being able to always rely on one another. They don’t require the company of others. Bill, Alma’s first husband, passed away shortly after World War II. Thelma’s spouse is a hat manufacturer. According to the sisters, they enjoy going out at night. She enjoys shopping for new clothes for herself as well.

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