Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Rise of digital content creators changing digital landscape: Kajol Goyal

The content landscape has been experiencing changes, especially, in recent times compared to past years. Brands are also realizing that they need to adapt their strategies to continue to engage their markets and deliver. They are opting for digital content creators like Kajol Goyal to reach their target audience these days.

Faster and better internet connections, smartphones and social media have all been instrumental in driving an ‘always on’ culture that can connect us to individuals across the globe. Most in-person transactions are moving online and contributing to an unprecedented rate of e-commerce growth.

This acceleration in digital communication has multiplied the touchpoints where brands have the opportunity to engage with digital content creators, who are acting as a bridge between the brand and people.

Talking about the current trend, Kajol Goyal says that people prefer to hear stories from individuals rather than promotional ads.

“Brands are realizing that people are bored with promotional ads these days. They need raw stories, something they can relate to. Thus, if they hear it from one of them, it makes the product more relatable and relevant.”

Adding more, she says that investing in an individual is also budget-friendly.

“Brands are realizing that we don’t charge as much as a promotional ad does. It’s a win-win for everyone”.

She also mentions that the rise of digital content creators is changing the whole fashion landscape these days.

“With more brands approaching us, the way people see a product has changed in recent times. They find the brand more relatable. In a way, we do bring people closer to the brand or vice versa”.

The growth of digital content creators also has helped out small business owners. Talking about the dynamic change, Kajol Goyal says that digital content creators have earned the trust of their followers and that’s one big reason for the same.

“Always grateful for the trust the followers have in us. People don’t see how big the company is these days. If they like a product and if they think that it is reliable, they are ready to invest in it. If somebody you trust recommends a product, you will try them out, right?”.

Kajol also mentions that the trust factor doesn’t happen on a single day.

“It takes consistency. We literally need to prove to people or your audience that we are also one of them. This happens only when you communicate with them regularly and be nice to them. You also need to stay relatable”.

With digital technology and innovation providing us with tools to make these changes, Brands can rise to the challenge and make an impact in this new content landscape.

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