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Father’s Love In Focus; Bengaluru Auto Driver’s Birthday Surprise For Daughter Touches Hearts Online | WATCH

Sumedha Uppal, a Bengaluru resident, recently shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) showcasing an auto driver celebrating his daughter's birthday with decorations on his three-wheeler. The brief six-second clip highlights the vehicle embellished with a solitary pink balloon.

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Father's Love In Focus; Bengaluru Auto Driver's Birthday Surprise For Daughter Touches Hearts Online | WATCH

People flood social media with stories about the daily lives of people in Bengaluru, covering everything from the city’s diverse multicultural community to the challenges faced when trying to rent a place to live. The internet overflows with incidents of “peak Bengaluru” moments, a term associated with the special incidents happening in the IT hub of India.

Sumedha Uppal, a woman from Bengaluru, recently posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) showing an auto driver celebrating his daughter’s birthday by decorating his three-wheeler. The six-second video features the vehicle adorned with a single pink balloon.

Ms. Uppal wrote alongside a balloon emoji that it was his daughter’s birthday. Since she shared it, the video has garnered over a lakh views and six thousand likes on the platform.

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Uber India commented, “Papa ka pyaar hi toh hum sabki zindagi ka engine hai. Happy birthday to beti ji!” This comment reflects that a father’s love is the engine for all of us. They wished the daughter a happy birthday!

A user exclaimed, “That’s so cute!”

One user praised, “You’ve captured such a beautiful moment. I wish I had captured it myself.”

Someone remarked, “This is the cutest thing on the internet!”

An X user added, “Simple and small things like this bring me joy.”

Another user shared, “The infinite tenderness of a human heart is unmatched.”

A user expressed, “An auto ride is incomparable. There’s always warmth and so many stories.”

On a related note, a few days ago, Bengaluru resident Namrata S Rao shared a heartwarming exchange with an auto driver. Upon discovering Ms. Rao’s ability to speak Kannada, the driver initiated a conversation about his daughter’s education. She fondly described the interaction as a “cute Bengaluru moment.”

The interaction began when Ms. Rao casually asked about the weather in Kannada, surprising the driver with her language skills. This led to a conversation where the driver sought advice on various entrance exams available for his daughter, who is currently in Class 11. Ms. Rao shared on X, “It was a cute #Bengaluru moment. When I asked, ‘Tumba seke alla?’ (Isn’t it too hot?), he responded with, ‘Oh kannada baratta’ (Oh, you speak Kannada), and then we discussed CET, NEET, and other entrance exams that his daughter could attempt. I also asked if he has similar discussions with others.”

He responded, “No, madam, we understand people, we also pick up on vibes. I could sense that you genuinely wanted to know about this, and that’s why I opened up. Otherwise, passengers usually have their earphones on, and I’d be focused on driving, like any other day.” I agree with him; sometimes, it really is all about the vibes.

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First published on: May 10, 2024 03:30 PM IST

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