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Inclusive Asanas: Yoga for Body Positivity

With body positivity you will understand that it is not all about striking poses in stylish gear and studios. Rather it is about feeling at home in your skin, no matter what shape or size you might be. It is that practice which allows you to embrace your body with kindness and gratitude for what it is. Through our yoga poses learn about the beauty that your body is.

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Yoga & Body Positivity

Yoga has been known to man for thousands of years now and its practice is also a very common thing to mankind. It is particularly becoming popular these days more so in the Western world. However, yoga and body positivity are a relatively newer aspect to this old discipline. Let us read on to know more about yoga and how it can boost body positivity.

A Little Insight into Body Positivity

What is body positivity? Simply put, it is the perception of one’s body image, aesthetics and sexual attractiveness. It is just how one views and feels about themselves. And this yardstick of measurement and perception is a result of the standards set by society. This is the simple reason why most people cannot think or talk to themselves kindly which most of the time wreaks havoc in many lives. Here is exactly where yoga can come into play and effectively at that.

Positive Embodiment

‘Positive embodiment’ is a concept developed by psychologist Niva Piran. It is a concept which has several dimensions that help the body to feel comfort and ease from within, a sense of being ‘at home’ in the body itself as you move around going about your daily affairs. And in this movement and ease there comes an engagement with one’s own body. Here are the aspects of this concept that can help to get a boosted body positivity:

  • Once you experience it you are in touch with your own body and can express your own desires. In other words, you care for your body with compassion and without being judgmental
  • You are now living in your body as a subject rather than as an object. This means you are far above societal pressures and judgments. You are now able to reject society and live your life on your own terms and conditions.
  • It teaches you how to focus on how your body feels rather than how it looks.

Poses That Help Boost Body Positivity

Mountain Pose

It is a restorative kind of yoga pose. It helps you with a chance to observe how your body is feeling without being judgmental. It slows down the breath and lets you enjoy the present moment. It corrects posture and helps to lengthen the spine.

Cat-Cow Pose

It helps to warm up the spine, arms and wrists. It helps with focusing on the heart as the chest lifts up and opens in the cow pose. It then returns to hug the body which develops a sense of belonging to oneself.

Low Lunge Pose

It is good in that it grounds the body, supports balance and makes the legs and spine strong. This pose requires you to place your hands on your heart which enables you to focus on the centre of compassion.

Pyramid Pose

This is one pose that makes you bow towards the ground and create that moment where you can take some to introspect and feel gratitude. At this moment you can take time also to thank your body for the activities it does for you. These activities include lifting, bending and moving you forward.

Child’s Pose

It allows the thighs to make a deep stretch and cut down on tension. It makes you feel safe and gives restoration. It instills self-compassion in yourself just like that of a child who is well loved.

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First published on: May 07, 2024 12:55 PM IST

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