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Jaggery Roti Benefits: Eat this chapati in winter, it will keep you warm from inside

Jaggery Roti Benefits: Winters have started, and immunity week happens this season. There is also the risk of many infections spreading everywhere. To strengthen immunity, it is very important to pay attention to food and strengthen your immunity in the winter season, and everyone should include Jaggery Roti in their diet. Jaggery is very good for health in winter, and roti made of this is also tasty to eat along with making the body immune, it also keeps warm. As tasty as it is to eat, it is also easy to make. So let’s know the method and ingredients needed to make jaggery roti.

Jaggery Roti Benefits: Ingredients

  • Wheat flour – 1 cup
  • Gram flour – 3 tsp
  • oil – as needed
  • Jaggery – half a bowl
  • Sesame – 3 tsp


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  • Jaggery roti is very easy to make. To make this, first, clean the sesame seeds and roast them on a low flame. When the sesame seeds turn light golden, put them in a mixer and grind them coarsely. Now put 3 tsp oil in the pan and roast the gram flour on medium flame till it turns light brown. 
  • Grind the jaggery into fine pieces and put it in a deep bottom vessel along with roasted gram flour, and sesame seeds and mix all three things well to prepare the pithi.
  • When your pithi is ready, then prepare the dough. For this, take flour in a vessel, add a little water and a pinch of salt to it and knead the dough while mixing. Make balls from this dough and roll it a little and place a ball of jaggery on the dough after that increase another ball of flour and place it on top of the dough. 
  • Now roll them with light hands, then put them on the griddle and bake them from both sides without applying ghee. In this way, make all the chapatis one by one out of jaggery. You can also eat this roti with ghee or butter as a snack during the day.

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