Do NOT take these visible marks on NAILS lightly; Check your fingers immediately, find out if…

You’ve probably seen doctors or Vaidyas tell us about many problems by looking at our bodies from the outside. Then we wonder how the doctor knew we had this problem when he did not perform any tests to determine our problems.

In reality, our bodies react differently to different types of problem. As a result, our bodies undergo a variety of changes. Observing these changes, the doctor or Vaidya detects many of our problems without having to examine them.

In this regard, we will inform you today about an extremely important change in your body. These changes indicate that many problems are occurring in our bodies, which should not be ignored and should be immediately addressed by a doctor.

Nails protect delicate skin of the fingers

Our nails offer excellent protection to our fingers. The skin beneath the nail is extremely delicate, and its protection is critical. In this case, the nail protects the delicate skin of our fingers. Different people have different nails. If someone’s nails are very hard, their nails are also very clean and soft. Many people’s nails are constantly broken. Aside from that, some people have half moons on their nails. Today we will discuss the importance of this crescent formed under the nail to our health.

The ‘half moon’ on the nail represents our health

First, examine your hand’s nails and see if there is a half moon under your nail. This moon formed in the nail reveals a lot about our health. If the half moon formed in the nail is white and clear, you are perfectly fine and healthy. Typically, the moon formed on the thumb appears very clear, whereas the moon formed on the other fingers appears light, very light, or negligible. The more visible this moon is on your fingers, the healthier it is. The crescent shape that appears on the nail is known as lunula.

Lack of lunula means poor health

It can be concerning in people whose nails do not have this lunula at all. The lunula is mostly not visible due to a lack of blood in the body. Aside from that, if the lunula in a person’s nail appears yellow or blue rather than white, it indicates that he may have diabetes. Not only that, but the colour of lunula is red in many people.

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These individuals may have heart problems. You must understand that it is acceptable for the lunula to be white. Aside from that, if it is not in your nails or is a colour other than white, you should consult a doctor.

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