Celebrity and Bridal Hair Artist Javed Ali Shah becomes talk of town with exceptional hairstyling skills

Hailing from Haridwar, Javed stepped into the hair industry in 2014 and has been living in Navi Mumbai since then.


The bride takes center stage on the wedding day. So, to look perfect, a bride wants her hair and appearance to be flawless. Earlier, the bride used to be prepared for the wedding day by her friends and relatives. But times have evolved, bringing about a major shift in trends. Today every bride needs a hair artist to make her look even better with the best makeup. One such Celebrity and Bridal Hair Artist, Javed Ali Shah, is winning the hearts of his clients with his amazing talent for making hair look flawless.

Starting his career in Delhi, he has worked as a freelance hair artist in multiple cities like Mumbai, Pune, Raipur, Dehradun, Goa, and Ahemadabad. Not just has he done many projects with brides. Still, he has also worked in Bollywood and Marathi Film industries. Every occasion involved in a wedding calls for a different hairstyle; Javed is one such person who has great expertise in the same. He never lets his clients down and helps them achieve the same look they want on their special day.

Hailing from Haridwar, Javed stepped into the hair industry in 2014 and has been living in Navi Mumbai since then. Being a hair artist, he ensures that the style he is gonna do on any celebrity and bride makes them feel comfortable yet gives them a stylish look. Not only is he the best hair artist, but he is also a great educator who guides newness and has a keen interest in becoming the same. He organizes workshops and helps them learn the basics every hair artist needs.

Sharing his work and experiences, Hair Artist Javed Ali Shah shared, “ I always had a keen interest in becoming a hair expert. It might seem easy, but only professionals know that every hairstyle needs a lot of effort and hard work. People think doing hair requires less time, while it takes up to more than an hour. When I started learning from experts like Georgiy Kot from Russia and Indian artists like Jawed Habib and Abhishek Malik from Delhi, I got to explore a lot. Every hair stylist has their sense and way of style to tackle varied situations and have different ideas for every look. Learning from various places has given me a very good grip on my basics, making me versatile on many kinds of hair styling.”

With his great expertise, currently, he is focusing on Indian bridal hairstyles to make his brides more beautiful with a modern international touch to their looks. We wish Javed Ali Shah great success and many more achievements to unlock.