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Union Minister Giriraj Singh Predicts BJP’s Victory In Bihar, Forming The Government In 2025

The Union Minister also said that BJP has no role in the current political development between RJD and JD(U).

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Giriraj Singh
Giriraj Singh

Amid speculations that Nitish Kumar is poised to side with the BJP again, Union Minister Giriraj Singh referred to the Bihar Chief Minister as a “restless soul” while emphatically stating that the BJP will form the new governemnt in the state in 2025.

“We will form government in Bihar in 2025. People of Bihar will vote for BJP in Lok Sabha in 2024, and in Bihar in 2025. I am just observing what’s going on in the state…” Singh said.

On being queried about JD(U) leader parting ways with the BJP in 2022 to form the grand alliance government in Bihar comprising RJD, JD(U), Congress, and three Left parties Giriraj Singh said, “he is a restless soul.”

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The Union Minister also said that BJP has no role in the current political development between RJD and JD(U). “BJP is definitely keeping an eye on the political activities happening. Now whatever answer has to be given has to be given by Lalu Yadav, RJD, Tejashwi Yadav, or Nitish Kumar. Neither Lalu Yadav has just said that we have left, nor Nitish Kumar has said that he will leave. What can the Bharatiya Janata Party say in this? We are the main party over here, so BJP has seriously monitored the activities that are happening, but BJP has no role at all in whatever is happening,” said Giriraj Singh.

Talking about the reasons for the possible splot between RJD and JD(U), he said, “Lalu Yadav will know about this, or Nitish Kumar will know.”
However, he said that in his opinion, Lalu Yadav prioritising Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over Nitish Kumar during the INDIA bloc meeting in Patna started the rift between their two parties.

He further alleged that Nitish Kumar had left the BJP because he wanted to run for Prime Minister but he did not get that support from Lalu Yadav.
“Nitish Kumar split from BJP as he wanted to become the Prime Minister, but Lalu Yadav was the biggest obstacle in this as he never promoted him but Rahul Gandhi,” said Giriraj Singh.

Meanwhile, BJP Chief Whip Bihar Legislative Council, Dilip Jaiswal, “Anything is possible in politics. We can consider any formula or factor to ensure that the country gets a strong government under the leadership of Narendra Modi in 2024…If Nitish ji thinks that not Mahagathbandhan, but the country should get a new govt under PM Modi, then BJP’s doors are open for such people even till a day before the elections…There is no Lalan Singh or Ashok Choudhary factor…”

Earlier in the day, RJD MP Manoj Kumar Jha rubbished as “mere rumours “claims of a split in the Mahaghatbandhan alliance in the state.
“All this is a rumour. And the restlessness that has arisen due to this rumour can only be taken care of by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. I have not received any response from him yet,” Jha said, speaking to ANI on Saturday.

Jha said that Bihar is a hot topic for the entire country, and he does not see any rift between the Janata Dal United and the RJD. Meanwhile, RJD leader Mrityunjay Tiwari said that the Nitish-Tejashwi government is working strongly in Bihar, but no one can guarantee what will happen in the future. “The Nitish-Tejashwi government is working strongly in Bihar, and it will continue to do so. How can we know what happens in the future? The way the Rashtriya Janata Dal and our leaders have fought in politics is known to everyone. Lalu Prasad Yadav, Tejaswi Yadav, and Rashtriya Janata Dal are known for their struggles. Our party and leaders are committed to the public. This government is working for the benefit of Bihar,” Tiwari said, speaking to ANI on Saturday.

There are speculations that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may cross over to the NDA again, an alliance he left in 2022 to join hands with the opposition and form ‘Mahagathbandhan’.

It all started when former Bihar Chief Minister and RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter Rohini Acharya took a swipe at RJD’s ruling ally, JDU, on ‘X’, posting that while the ‘socialist party’ (JDU) styles itself as progressive, its ideology shifts with the changing wind patterns, a statement that triggered cracks within the ruling alliance.

If Nitish crosses over, this would be the fourth time he would be switching sides. In the Bihar Assembly of 243, the RJD has 79 MLAs; followed by the BJP’s 78; the JD(U)’s 45, the Congress’s 19, the CPI (M-L)’s 12, two each of the CPI(M) and CPI, the Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular)’s four seats, and the AIMIM’s one, plus one Independent legislator.

Source: ANI

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