Nitish Kumar Going With BJP Again But Why! Here’s The INSIDE STORY

Nitish Kumar has done it before but then JDU was not the third largest party of Bihar. Why is he switching side now?

Edited By : Riwa Singh | Updated: Jan 26, 2024 20:59 IST
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Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav
Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav

If you too are wondering what will happen to the coalition government of Bihar now because Nitish Kumar seems to join hands with the BJP, you are not alone. And this ritual isn’t happening for the first time. The JDU that bagged ‘enough’ seats to become the third largest party in Bihar in the last assembly elections did it before 2020 also.

But why will Nitish Kumar want to leave the throne that he achieved easily despite getting less number of seats than RJD and BJP? Why will a leader repeat the same pattern and tarnish his image as a senior politician? Being a ping pong between RJD and BJP will obviously cause him a loss of respect in political corridors and eventually, a loss of votes. But Sushasan Babu had to do it.

If sources are to be believed he will take an oath as the CM of Bihar again in a couple of days forming a coalition with the BJP. The story of why is Nitish Kumar doing this lies in the calendar of January 13.

Why is Nitish doing so?

Nitish who once wanted to give tough competition to Narendra Modi by the INDIA bloc and might have dreamt of becoming the prime minister of India had a jaw-dropping moment on January 13 when important decisions were taken by the leaders of the giant alliance.

As per the sources, when Sitaram Yechury proposed Nitish Kumar’s name for the post of convenor in the alliance, senior leaders including Lalu Prasad Yadav and Sharad Pawar supported him. However, the moment happened when Rahul Gandhi intervened and said that this decision should wait because Mamata Banerjee had an objection to it.

Who invited this crack?

It was Tejaswi Yadav from RJD who supported Nitish and added that he already has the majority of the alliance in his support for the role and Mamata wasn’t present so it shouldn’t be a problem. But neither Sonia Gandhi nor Mallikarjun Kharge reacted to Rahul’s comment.

A close source revealed that it was when Nitish Kumar realized that with this kind of differences they cannot beat the Modi government anyhow. So when you can’t defeat him, be with him. The JDU chief felt that instead of convincing Mamata to get her support, Rahul Gandhi deliberately brought her name in between even after he bagged the support of the majority and tried to insult him.

INDIA bloc(ked)?

The consequences of what Rahul did will have a direct impact on RJD now because Nitish has again decided to switch sides and go with the BJP, but the INDIA bloc too is sure to suffer a crack after the big decision is made.

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The fate of the bloc already seems gloomy before the Lok Sabha elections as Mamata and Kejriwal have become adamant about seat sharing in their respective states. Nitish Kumar’s decision will come as a major jolt to the already worn-out alliance.

First published on: Jan 26, 2024 08:59 PM IST

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