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UP: Laddu Gopal Gets Medical Attention In Ambulance, Devotee Distressed

The doctor said that the idols of God were unharmed. Upon hearing this, Rinku began crying while seated on the ground, expressing remorse for the perceived wrongdoing. She said "I have committed a crime; Laddu Gopal got hurt, yet why are you not treating him?" Observing her distress, the doctor assisted the lady. Applying aala to Laddu Gopal, the doctor reassured Rinku that there were no injuries present.

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UP: Laddu Gopal Gets Medical Attention In Ambulance, Devotee Distressed

Rinku from Shahjahanpur, UP, not only included her emotions but also her soul in the small Laddu Gopal. She would communicate with them by making eye contact, cradling them on her lap, and caressing them. Every day, the lady bathed, dressed, and fed them.

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On Tuesday, while bathing Laddu Gopal, she accidentally dropped them, causing the god’s idol to fall to the ground. Rinku appeared deeply hurt from the inside and started crying. She rushed Laddu Gopal to the government hospital in an ambulance. Initially, the doctor was unsure how to treat someone who alleviated everyone else’s pain.

Later, upon seeing the tears flowing from Rinku’s eyes and the insistence of the devotees as a directive, the doctor examined Laddu Gopal with a stethoscope and provided assurance. He affirmed that the idols were everyone’s protectors and were completely fine. He advised Rinku not to feel guilty for accidentally dropping them.

She dialed the UP ambulance number

The staff of the 108 ambulance service reported that they received a call from Rinku on Tuesday, claiming to be unwell. Upon arriving at the village, Rinku explained that Laddu Gopal was injured, so they needed to go to the community health center. When he hesitated, Rinku began to cry, unable to bear leaving the idol in distress. As a result, they took her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor also confirmed that the idols of God were unharmed and that it was unfair to suggest otherwise. Upon hearing this, Rinku sat on the ground and began to cry, expressing remorse for the perceived wrongdoing. Eventually, seeing her distress, the doctor consoled her and administered treatment to Laddu Gopal, confirming that there were no injuries.

The medical officer in charge Dr. Sanjeev Kumar stated that after the incident, which lasted for about three hours, Rinku returned home with Laddu Gopal. The video of this episode also circulated on social media on Wednesday. Rinku operates a grocery shop.

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First published on: Mar 28, 2024 08:20 AM IST

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