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Munawwar Rana Takes His Last Breath In Lucknow; From Asking To Demolish The Parliament To Calling Murder A Compulsion Here Are All His Controversies

Munawwar Rana, a well-known Urdu poet, died on Sunday after a protracted illness. He sometimes asked to demolish the parliament and sometimes called murder a compulsion. Here are the controversies of urdu poet.

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Munawwar Rana on Parliament
Munawwar Rana on Parliament

Munawwar Rana, a well-known Urdu poet, died on Sunday after a protracted illness. He had been confined to SGPGI Hospital in Lucknow for several days. Doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia, and he previously had heart disease and severe kidney illness. His son verified his father’s death. Munawwar Rana was 71 years old when he died. When it comes to Munawwar Rana, who is famous all over the world for his voice and Urdu poetry, he has a long history of conflicts.

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Who Is Munawwar Rana?

Munawwar Rana’s name alone is famous among poets throughout the country and the world. As soon as his name is mentioned, a series of poems written about his ‘ mother’ begin to resonate in the mind. Apart from that, Munawwar has frequently made headlines for his outspoken views. During the farmers’ uprising, Munawwar Rana posted a couplet on his social media handle, causing a political stir.

Munawwar Rana Controversies

“Some people in this country will get food, demolish the Parliament, and build some fields there,” the couplet said. Now the fate of the farmers will shift in this way: the Seths’ stores will be burned… I’m in the lie’s court. I’m telling you the truth; either blow your head off or burn me alive.” Following this couplet, many people, including many prominent leaders, began to make comments. Munawwar removed this couplet due to the rising dispute.

In fact, in connection with the French cartoon issue, a female instructor was murdered by slicing her throat in 2020. Rana defended this by comparing your faith to your mother. He claimed that the cartoon was intended to target and mock Muslims. He even stated that no one should be compelled to commit murder. He later explained this statement, however.

Munawwar Rana on CAA-NRC Protest

Even during the CAA-NRC Protest, Munawwar Rana made a contentious statement that made news. Targeting the state administration, he stated that he is now afraid in Uttar Pradesh. He stated that the BJP’s goal is to convert the entire country to Hinduism.

Munawwar Rana raised allegations against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi even after the Supreme Court issued its decision on the disputed land in Ayodhya. He claimed that the ruling on the disputed land in Ayodhya benefitted Hindus.

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