Delhi Police Arrests Three ISIS Terrorists Planning Major Attack

The terrorists possessed PDF literature detailing the materials required for the blasts and bomb-making procedures.

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Delhi Police Arrests Three ISIS Terrorists
Delhi Police Arrests Three ISIS Terrorists

(Written by Deepak Dwivedi)

Delhi Police’s Special Cell has arrested three ISIS terrorists, including the main accused Mohammad Shahnawaz, along with his associates Mohammad Rizwan Ashraf and Mohammad Ashraf Warisi. These terrorists had plans for a significant terrorist conspiracy within the country, targeting high-profile individuals. During their interrogation, it was revealed that they had received training in bomb-making under the instructions of their Pakistani contacts.

Addressing the media, Special CP Special Cell HGS Dhaliwal, Delhi Police stated that they identified the key individuals involved in the case. “Mohammad Shahnawaz, the primary suspect, was apprehended in Jaitpur, Delhi. His associates, Mohammad Rizwan Ashraf and Mohammad Ashraf Warisi, were also arrested, while Mohammad Rizwan, who holds the title of Maulana, remains at large,” he said.

“Explosives were discovered at Shahnawaz’s residence, along with a pistol, pipe, bomb-making materials, and related literature. It has been revealed that these individuals maintained contact with operatives in Pakistan. Incriminating literature was seized from Shahnawaz’s possession, detailing bomb-making procedures,” he added.

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There were significant terrorist plots in Northern and Western India, including activities in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. All instructions were coordinated from Pakistan across the border.

Mohammad Rizwan remains at large, and a dedicated team is actively pursuing his arrest. A total of three ISIS terrorists have been apprehended, and ongoing investigations are underway.

Mohammad Shahnawaz, a highly educated mining engineer, and his wife, formerly known as Shanti Patel and later named Mariam after their marriage, were actively involved. They scouted locations for a training camp, planning to establish camps in areas such as Hubli, Dharwad, Western, and Sadan India. Over the years, they meticulously studied bomb-making techniques.

Mohd. Shahnawaz Alam, hailing from Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mining. Warisi, also from Jharkhand, has earned a B.Tech PhD from Aligarh University.

Rizwan Ashraf, a Maulana, and Azamgarh resident, is another key figure. He pursued B.Tech Science in Ghaziabad before heading to Prayagraj. Their sinister plot aimed to target important VVIPs and orchestrate a massive blast to cause maximum casualties. Their connections reach to Pakistan and even involve the Ahmedabad blast.

Farukhtullah Gauri and his son-in-law Faisal provided remote guidance from Pakistan to ensure they remained untraceable.

They received PDF literature detailing the materials required for bomb-making, having undergone extensive training in jungle settings. During the July 17th and 18th Pune blast, they were involved in vehicle theft as part of their operations. Termed “Male Ganimat” in their language, these activities were linked to a reward of Rs 5 lakh in the Chittor blast. The remaining three were apprehended and awarded a Rs 3 lakh bounty by NIA, while the absconding members retained their share and fled.

First published on: Oct 02, 2023 05:35 PM IST

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