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‘Aamir Is Not…’, Kiran Rao Reveals Her Favourite Actor While Promoting ‘Laapataa Ladies’

In an exclusive interview, Kiran Rao revealed Aamir Khan isn't her favorite actor; she prefers Sparsh Shrivastav. She also named Kareena Kapoor as the best actress and Neeraj Ghaywan as the top director. Despite their divorce, Kiran and Aamir remain close friends, seen together at events.

Edited By : Aniket Raj | Updated: Mar 8, 2024 19:13 IST
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Kiran Rao
Kiran Rao

In an exclusive interview with News 24, Kiran Rao revealed that despite Aamir Khan having millions of fans worldwide, he isn’t her favourite. Kiran, who is also Aamir’s wife, disclosed this information. She also shared who her favorite actors and actresses are. Kiran Rao had arrived to promote her latest movie ‘Laapataa Ladies’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Let’s find out what Kiran Rao said.

It’s evident that Aamir Khan has been away from the big screen for quite some time, and his fans are eagerly waiting to see him back in action. While his acting skills have a huge fan following, you might be surprised to learn that his ex-wife Kiran Rao doesn’t consider him her favorite actor.

During a rapid-fire session, when Kiran Rao was asked who she considers the best actor in the country, she mentioned the name of Sparsh Shrivastav in response.

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Kiran Rao’s favourite actor

Kiran Rao said, “I consider Sparsh Shrivastav as the best actor in the country.” When asked if Aamir Khan wasn’t her favorite, Kiran responded, “No, currently my favorite actor is Sparsh Shrivastav. He is a very talented actor.”

When questioned about the best actress in the country, Kiran mentioned Kareena Kapoor’s name, while she referred to Neeraj Ghaywan as the best director in the country.

During this time, Kiran Rao also mentioned her and Aamir Khan’s love story. She revealed that they first met on the set of the film ‘Lagaan’. They started liking each other from there. They dated for about four years. Kiran recounted that Aamir Khan proposed to her for the first time.

It is noteworthy that Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan have parted ways but remain good friends to this day. Seeing them together still brings joy to their fans. Recently, both attended the pre-wedding ceremony of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant in Jamnagar, where several pictures of them went viral on social media.

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First published on: Mar 08, 2024 07:13 PM IST

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