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Is It Fair To Prevent Kiran Rao From Making A Film About Marriage? Let’s Avoid Spreading Toxicity

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan's former partner, Kiran Rao, is currently facing extensive trolling on social media.

Edited By : Abhishek Mehrotra | Updated: Oct 1, 2023 19:57 IST
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Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan
Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan

Abhishek Mehrotra

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s former partner, Kiran Rao, is currently facing extensive trolling on social media. The trolling revolves around the subject matter of her latest film, which delves into the intricacies of marriage. However, the core issue behind this trolling is the dissolution of Kiran and Aamir’s own marriage. Kiran is being held responsible for the marriage’s breakdown, with some arguing that her inability to sustain her own marital relationship questions her moral authority to create a film centered on the sacred institution of marriage. Critics have advised Kiran Rao to refrain from addressing topics like marriage. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that individuals who have experienced the dissolution of a marriage have the right to explore and express their thoughts on the subject. This perspective should not be dismissed, as both success and failure are integral parts of life. Success often signifies self-assuredness and pride, while failure provides a platform for introspection, revealing weaknesses and areas for improvement. Whether failure occurs in business or personal relationships, it offers valuable opportunities for growth and learning.

Society’s Tradition: The Blame on Women

In both professional and personal spheres, success or failure is rarely the result of a single individual’s actions. Therefore, assigning blame to one person is fundamentally flawed. Unfortunately, in the context of relationships, society often tends to attribute failure to one party, and this bias disproportionately affects women. It has become widely accepted that women bear the responsibility for relationship breakdowns, burdening them with the onus of responsibility. Consequently, any insights or opinions they offer on relationships are often dismissed as unreasonable and unfounded. This societal bias is not confined to any particular class; it affects women across all social strata, from lower to middle to upper classes.

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Failing to salvage the marriage does not equate to a proper assessment of Kiran

The ongoing social media discourse surrounding actor Aamir Khan’s wife, Kiran Rao, serves as a prime example of this phenomenon. Kiran is set to create a film centered around marriage. However, due to her own marital relationship not standing the test of time, some individuals are critical of her addressing the topic of marriage and producing a film on it. They argue that if Kiran Rao possessed a deeper understanding of marriage, her bond with Aamir would not have ended as it did. While it is undeniable that Aamir and Kiran’s marriage was relatively short-lived, assigning blame to Kiran and assuming she lacks comprehension of relationships is an inaccurate judgment.

Allow the film to be created, and people can provide their reactions once they’ve seen it

Understanding a relationship doesn’t always require its duration; some grasp it quickly, while others may never fully comprehend. Whether one’s own marriage was successful shouldn’t dictate their ability to create a film on the topic. Personal decisions regarding relationships, such as Kiran and Aamir’s, should not be used as a basis for judgment. It’s time to break the habit of meddling in others’ lives. In an age of Artificial Intelligence, such thinking challenges our intellectual progress. It’s best to let Kiran Rao complete her film and offer feedback based on her filmmaking skills, not her personal life.

Both of them have managed their relationship and separation gracefully

It’s worth noting that a failed relationship can offer valuable insights into both its strengths and weaknesses. Mature individuals learn from these experiences and move forward. What’s remarkable about Aamir and Kiran’s relationship is that, despite their separation, they maintain an emotional connection with their family. They are often seen together at events, and Kiran is even working on a film for Aamir Khan’s production. This demonstrates how well they have handled their relationship and separation. Instead of trolling or adopting a negative approach, this situation should be observed, contemplated, and learned from.

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First published on: Oct 01, 2023 07:29 PM IST

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