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Another lover kills ex-girlfriend, chops her body into pieces; arrested

Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh): In a similar case to Shraddha Walker’s gruesome murder, a lover in UP’s Azamgarh was arrested for chopping off his ex-girlfirend’s body and dumping them at distant areas.

The Azamgarh Police have recovered the victim’s body who was identified as Aradhana Prajapati, from Paschim Patti village under the Ahraula police station of Azamgarh district. Whereas, the main accused in the case, identified as Prince Yadav.

As per the police statement, the disposed off body parts of the deceased have been recovered from two different locations, with the skull having been found in a pond, which is at a distance of 6 km from the well where the rest of the chopped body parts were recovered from.

The alleged murder took place on November 10, while the body of the deceased was found in a well on November 15.

Th police acted upon the matter when the family of the girl filed a missing complaint. Th efamily alleged that the girl was missing since November 10.

Following the investigation, the local police found the body parts of a woman in a well with the head missing on November 15.

The police stated that the family partially confirmed the identity of the deceased when approached by the police, however, due to the skull missing, they were not convinced.

On November 19, the police detained one Prince Yadav, who was found to be the ex-boyfriend of the deceased girl, said the police.

During the investigation, Prince confessed to his involvement in the crime who was then taken to the crime spot in order to recover the body parts of the victim. The head of the deceased woman was found from a pond some six kilometres away from the well, as per the police statement.


According to the police, Prince was arrested on Sunday following an encounter, when he tried to escape from the spot where the police had taken him to recover the missing head of the woman.

Another accused in the incident, Sarvesh Yadav, who is Prince’s cousin, is absconding, as per the police. A total of nine people have been involved in the crime, either in the execution of the plot to kill the woman or harbouring the culprits, according to the police.

Anurag Arya, Superintendent of Police, Azamgarh said, “A dead body of an unidentified woman was found in a well on November 16. The head was missing and the rest of the body parts were missing. It was a challenge for the police, it was a crime related to the women. 5 police teams were on the job to work out the case.”

“The prime accused in the case, Prince Yadav was arrested today after a police encounter. He sustained a bullet injury in his right leg. Illegal arms have been recovered from him,” he added.

The official said that the accused had a relationship with the deceased two years ago. The woman was married in February this year when Prince was outside the country. Upon knowing about the marriage, the accused returned to the country and plotted to kill the woman.

“He called the woman on November 10, and roamed with her in the name of visiting a temple, and took her to the field of his maternal side and strangled her to death. To dispose of the body, he along with Sarvesh Yadav chopped it by keeping it on a wooden log. He threw the rest of the parts into the well, and threw the head in a pond along with her clothes,” added the officer.

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Arya said that the recovery of the deceased’s clothes and other pieces of evidence has been accomplished.

“Based on the interrogation, the police have recovered everything. The clothes of the deceased have also been recovered. The wooden log on which the incident took place has been recovered. Evidence collection has been done from the field,” added Arya.

“There are a total of nine accused, of which one Prince Yadav has been arrested. The other accused Sarvesh Yadav, who is Prince’s uncle’s son is absconding. An award of Rs 25,000 has also been announced,” he said.

“There are 7 others who were involved either in the planning of the incident or in harbouring the culprits. They will be arrested soon,” he said.

Further investigation into the matter is underway.

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