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How Polygon, Solana, Proprivex Can Help You Find Consistent Gains

Polygon Is One Of The Most Exciting Projects Within Crypto

July saw optimism breed back into the crypto markets as numerous top coins and tokens saw a revival in activity. One of the most successful tokens across the month was Polygon (MATIC), seeing a price increase of over 90% as whales opened positions propelling the coin back into the spotlight.

Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain and looks to alleviate many bottlenecks associated with ETH such as high transaction fees and congestion on the blockchain slowing speeds.

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Whales saw Polygon as being one of the most undervalued assets within the current market as developments are continuing to rise and with the ETH merge coming the increased adoption of ETH will likely translate to Polygon. Currently, over 19,000 dApps are using Polygon according to Polygon’s blog making it easy to see how whales saw this as fundamentally undervalued.

Nevertheless, retail investors have been banking on Polygon even as the token was dipping, with strong buying sentiment across the previous two months, albeit in smaller volumes given most retail investors do not have access to the capital institutions and whales have.

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With the crypto markets bouncing back, Polygon offers users a good opportunity to find consistent gains, especially if institutions and whales continue to back the project.

How Solana Can Become A Dominant Blockchain

Solana (SOL) has quickly established itself as a leading Layer-1 in the ecosystem, however for Solana to truly be able to dominate and challenge Ethereum as the leading utility protocol the network needs to address a few issues.

While the speeds and cost of Solana are market-leading there have been reports of network outages that have stifled the growth and caused many investors to think twice about having Solana as a portfolio leader. Solana needs to do two things to win back over some investors. First addressing the outages and enhancing its operability to ensure any DDOS attacks or slowing of the network does not occur in the future, but also equally as important is changing the narrative across the industry through marketing tactics.

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The narrative of Solana’s potential is very much apparent but whenever you speak with an individual in the know within the crypto space about Solana they will always question the secureness of the platform. Changing the narrative through a variety of content and publications to rest assure outages will cease to exist is crucial to alter the tone of how Solana is viewed.

If Solana can address these issues then the sky is the limit for the platform as the technology behind the network is industry-leading and rose to dominance across 2021 for a reason.

Crypto Asset Management Is On The Rise

With the increase in adoption and excitement around the crypto markets, the rise of crypto asset management is on the rise accordingly. While most of the asset management services are aimed at private banking and institutions there is a distinct lack of retail and everyday investor management services.

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Proprivex (PPX) has looked to address this by creating an asset management service that is tailored for the normal investor as well as the high net-worth investor to maximise your crypto gains seamlessly. The platform has an easy-to-interpret UI and simplifies the process so investors do not have to input large amounts of time into overseeing their assets, particularly where most will have jobs, families, and other time-consuming responsibilities.

While Proprivex may accept other cryptocurrencies as a method of deposit they will give users a discount for using PPX the native token. PPX is currently in its presale and holders of the token will automatically become part of the governing DAO and benefit from rewards retrospectively.

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With asset management services an easier way to see consistent gains through expert oversight PPX could see substantial gains in the future.

Proprivex Token (PPX)

Presale: http://prop.proprivex.io/

Website: http://proprivex.io/


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