Tips to enhance mileage in CNG cars, Know here!

New Delhi: Everyone wants his car to always give good mileage. For this reason, many people have now started buying CNG cars. But as the vehicle gets old, so does its mileage. CNG cars require more care and if this is not done, their mileage drops considerably. If you also drive a CNG car and you want to increase its mileage, then some of the tips mentioned here must be followed.

Use good spark-plugs

The engine temperature of any CNG driven vehicle is much higher than that of a petrol driven vehicle. That’s why one should always use good quality strong spark plugs in these cars. Poor quality spark plugs wear out very quickly and also damage the engine.

Keep the air filter clean

In CNG cars, especially its air filter should always be kept clean, because CNG is a very light gas and cannot pass through a dirty air filter, which causes unnecessary pressure on the engine. This also reduces the mileage.

Take care of tire pressure

No matter what the vehicle is, it is very important to maintain the pressure in its tyres. Because the tire has direct contact with the road and if it is not filled with the right amount of air, then the engine has to work more and the fuel consumption increases.

Get the leakage checked

It is very important to take special care of CNG cars, because the CNG kit installed in it starts leaking many times. Due to which there is wastage of gas and the mileage starts decreasing and it can be life threatening.

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