Auto tips: Precautions you should take while driving CNG car

New Delhi: At this time people in the country are very fond of CNG cars. But these cars require a lot of care. Because even a little carelessness in this can be very fatal. In the recent past, many incidents of CNG cars catching fire have come to the fore. If you also drive a CNG car, then today we are going to tell you what precautions should be taken regarding CNG car.

Do not use local CNG kit

Many people get aftermarket CNG kits installed in their old cars as well. But in order to save some money, many people get local quality CNG kits installed from the market, which can cheat at any time. Always get the CNG kit installed in the car only from the authorized dealer and mechanic of the car company.

Pay attention to gas leakage

One of the main reasons for CNG car catching fire is gas leakage. There are many reasons for this, which could be improper fitting of the kit, over-filling of the fuel tank or faulty parts. Therefore, if there is gas leakage in the car, it should be rectified immediately.


Take care of maintenance

CNG cars require a lot of care. They should be checked regularly. Because due to lack of proper care, the possibility of leaking of CNG gas increases a lot. Regular servicing of a CNG car should be done for this.

Don’t start the car at the gas station

While filling CNG in the car, the engine of the vehicle should always be switched off. Running the engine during fuel refilling increases the chances of fire.

Don’t overfill

Never fill the CNG tank. It should never be filled more than two-thirds maximum. Whenever the CNG cylinder is being filled, keep in mind that the pressure in the cylinder should not exceed 200 bar.

Do not use aftermarket accessories

Many people also get many types of electronic accessories installed in their cars, for which there is a need to tamper with the wiring of the vehicle. These accessories may not be properly tuned to the voltage across the vehicle wiring. Due to which the problem of fire in the vehicle arises.

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