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True Love! Pakistani landlady Nazia marries her servant Sufiyan

Islamabad: A woman hired an aide for her household work for 18,000 rupees per month. But after a few days, she liked the aide’s behaviour so much that she stayed with him. The landlady fell in love with her servant and eventually married him. The woman told her love story in an interview with a YouTube channel.

This video of the Pakistani couple has gone viral. One is a mistress and the other is a servant in this couple. Mistress Nazia had hired Sufiyan to do the housework. However, Nazia later gives her heart to Sufiyan and marries her. Nazia is an Islamabad resident.

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Woman narrates her love story with boy

Nazia says in an interview with YouTuber Syed Basid Ali that she used to live alone in the house with no one of her own. She needed someone to help him with the housework. Sufiyan was mentioned to him by those around him. Sufiyan was praised by everyone. After hearing this, Nazia hired him for 18,000 per month.

Here begins the love affair

Nazia claims that she grew to like Sufiyan’s habits, behaviour, and thinking over time and that she fell in love with him within a few days. Sufiyan, according to him, respects everyone. Never look someone in the wrong way. His simplicity captured my heart. Sufyan was proposed by her.

Sufian couldn’t believe it after hearing the mistress’ proposal. ‘Sufiyan had fainted after hearing the proposal,’ Nazia recalls that day. Sufian simply responded, ‘I love you too.’

Mere Salman-Meri Katrina

Nazia says she is very happy with her husband after marrying him. Sufiyan attends to all of their needs. When there is a fever, he brings medicine, apply pressure to the head, and cook food. Nazia compares her husband to Salman Khan, while Sufian compares her to Katrina Kaif.

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Nazia was the first to fall in love in this love story. Nazia stated in the video that appearance and money are more important. Sufyan appealed to him because of his heart and clear thinking. Nazia stated that she can also do her house in Sufyan’s name.

Although they had to endure public ridicule for their relationship prior to marriage, they never left each other’s side. The couple also sang a song for each other and expressed their love in the video. Sufiyan sang ‘Kacchi Pencil Naal..’ while Nazia sang ‘Humne Aana Hoga Duniya Mein Dobara..’.


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