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No Criminal Charges Against Joe Biden For Mishandling Documents: Special Counsel

Biden's personal counsel disputes the report's characterization of the president's memory, considering it inaccurate and inappropriate.

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No Criminal Charges Against Biden For Mishandling Documents
No Criminal Charges Against Biden For Mishandling Documents

In a report released Thursday, Special Counsel Robert Hur has announced the decision not to prosecute President Joe Biden for his handling of classified documents. Despite uncovering evidence of willful retention and disclosure of such materials, Hur cited difficulties in establishing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Serious Risks to National Security

The report highlights the serious risks to national security posed by Biden’s practices. It emphasizes that while evidence of wrongdoing exists, it falls short of meeting the legal threshold for criminal charges.

Material Distinctions with Trump’s Case

Hur draws “material distinctions” between Biden’s case and the pending one against former President Donald Trump for his handling of classified documents. The report underscores the “serious aggravating facts” in Trump’s situation.

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Biden’s Plea of Innocence

President Biden, speaking from the White House after the report’s release, expressed satisfaction with the decision not to press criminal charges. He described the choice as “straightforward” and affirmed the adequacy of his memory.

Memory Limitations and Sympathy Strategy

The report reveals significant limitations in Biden’s memory during 2023 interviews. Hur notes concerns that Biden, as an elderly man with a poor memory, could present himself as sympathetic to a jury, making it challenging to secure a conviction.

Worsening Memory over Time

Hur’s report details Biden’s deteriorating memory, pointing out instances where he struggled to recall crucial events, including the timing of his son Beau’s death and debates about Afghanistan.

Criticism of Report Language

Defenders of President Biden criticize the report’s language concerning his memory issues as “gratuitous.” Andrew Weissman compares it to past instances where officials provided opinions on cases not resulting in charges.

Biden’s Counsel Disputes Memory Characterization

Biden’s personal counsel disputes the report’s characterization of the president’s memory, considering it inaccurate and inappropriate. They argue that the language used is highly prejudicial and does not align with common witness experiences.

In a letter to Special Counsel Hur, Biden’s counsel challenges the report’s treatment of memory issues, stating that it uses prejudicial language to describe a commonplace lack of recall of years-old events among witnesses.

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